Monday, August 28, 2017

I hope everyone is just having a Beega' day!!

Well, I hope everyone is just having a Beega' day!! We've had a really wonderful week here in beautiful Colorado!! We were spiritually fed at a great Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday and a miracle happened. Mario (our investigator that's been having a hard time) parked his car a block and half away and wove his way through traffic and hundreds of people into the Church and came to Stake Conference with us! He loved it so much, loved the songs, the choir, the talks, he even sung all the hymns with us. He told us that he really appreciated and could feel how much the Stake President and other leaders loved and cared about him, it meant a lot to him!
Oh yeah and Stacy got Baptized! We had to transfer her over to Bayfield so we were sad we couldn't finish teaching her but the important part is that she made it!!

Elder Longhurst has been doing fantastic. He answered the phone to a random number and his eyes got really big and panicked as the lady on the other end of the phone explained to him that she had just been attacked by an Alien and that it hurt her sinus'....he looked at us in panic and asked what to say but we were laughing so hard we had to leave the room so he handled it really well! He told her that we would pray for her:)

1- Still enjoying my ice cream cake :)
2- Baptism day!
3- Sister Cook sent this to Mom :)
4- Pic from Member to Mom

Monday, August 21, 2017

21st Birthday was Amazing!!

1-I got the Birthday chair for dinner and was out:)

2- Surprise Dairy Queen cake from my mom via President and Sister Smith!

3-Elder Kaluhikaua is from my Stake and we took him with us for the day!!!

4-Well we went to this Billionaires house to fish, he's the CEO of Wells Fargo he let us use his fishing poles that him and George Bush fish we had tons of fun:)

5-More fishing!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Working hard!

We had another wonderful week up here in Durango!! We’ve been working extremely hard and I definitely see and feel the Lord blessing us for that work! Elder Longhurst loves the area and he is an AMAZING new missionary and is thankfully very patient with his two trainers because we are definitely goofballs.  It’s probably one of the happiest times I’ve had in my whole mission! Mario Gomez is having a really hard time unfortunately. He struggles to read the Book of Mormon and struggles with the idea of letting go of some of his Catholic traditions. He asked us if he could believe in the Holy Trinity and at the same time believe the way we do about God…umm no not really, that wouldn’t work! But it’s the same case with a lot of similar beliefs and traditions he has.  Deep down he knows it’s true but he doesn’t want to commit and let go of that. I know that his only hope is to read from the Book of Mormon so that is what we will pray mightily that he will have the desire and motivation to do!
Also, Elder Anderson learned a very important lesson yesterday…..Just because the Dawn Soap says “dish soap” does not mean it works in dishwashers……..I used a lot……and then we went to Church…….well… was terrible and our kitchen was a swimming pool of bubbles and soapy water. Just wanted to extend that piece of advice that I’m pretty sure the entire world knows except for me J

I’ve really learned a lot about personal revelation and prayer this week. I used to have the mentality that If I prayed and asked for something I would either get it or not. I figured If I got what I asked for it’s what God wanted and if I didn’t get what I asked for it’s what God wanted, I left it all up to him. But that’s not always the case. This week as I was praying I prayed for something that I had before asked God but didn’t receive so I tried again with the “I already know the answer but I’ll try again” mentality. Accept this time I felt a vividly strong impression about 2 Nephi 25:23 “for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.” I knew what the Lord was saying: “for we know it is by grace that we [receive answers to our prayers] after all we can do.”  So I tried it and it worked! I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ desire to bless us with their grace and power and we access that by having Faith in them and striving to do what is right. Or in other words when we do all we possibly can!

Love you all!

-Elder Anderson