Monday, July 31, 2017

Well another transfer has come to an end!

Well another transfer has come to an end! Which puts me at 12 weeks, plenty of time to Baptize everyone in Durango! President Adams called and asked me to train a new Zone Leader with me AND on top of that asked me to train a new missionary coming out of the MTC today! So the Durango Elders will be in a trio! 2 Zone Leaders and a brand new missionary!! It should be great!

Everything in the area is going really well! We found some great new Investigators up in Silverton that we're really excited about! Stacy Oberly, the one who read 3 Nephi:11 and asked to be baptized, is progressing towards her date on the 26th and she's really excited! Lots of good things happening!

Love you all!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ya’tahe’e’ Abini’ Shikesh!

Ya’tahe’e’ Abini’ Shikesh!

The work of the Lord is really starting to progress here in the Durango, Colorado area!! We met a new lady through a member and her name is Stacy! She’s a Ute from the Ute Reservation in Ignacio. She came to Church and really enjoyed it and later in the week we taught her the Plan of Salvation. After our second lesson with her we invited her to read 3 Nephi 11 and to pray about it…well, after she read it she asked to be Baptized because she believed that Jesus really did appear to them and that they were her people!  So keep Stacy in your prayers!

We’ve also been working closely with a young man named Mario who came to Church for the first time and loved it! He also has accepted to be Baptized on August 26th!

To be honest, I was really struggling for a while. I love Colorado and all the wonderful members here but OH MY GOODNESS I have had such a hard time adjusting from the Reservation to this. To be surrounded by humble people in humble circumstances on the Native American Reservation in Shiprock, and then go to a place where it’s not uncommon to walk into a million-dollar home has been a shock to all of my senses. Going from Hogan’s to mansions has just been a lot harder on me than I thought it would be. I barely had 6 weeks to acclimate in Bloomfield and then I felt like I just got thrown into the world…which I kind of did, and it caused me soo much stress!  But then I exercised more faith and looked around!
The Durango Ward and Silverton Branch are both doing amazing and the work here is exploding! We have a lot of plans that are currently being organized and trained on and we can feel the Lord pouring out His Mighty Spirit upon this land. Miracles are happening every day and I know that the Savior Jesus Christ is actively involved in gathering His lost sheep here in Durango, and I’m humbled to be 1 of the 2 representatives set apart to assist Him in that great work!
Love you all!

-Elder Anderson