Monday, June 19, 2017

Well...I got one transfer slammed...Next stop Durango!

Well...I got one transfer slammed which was a shock to EVERYONE! Elder Tollfeson got released as a Zone Leader and I thought for sure I would just take over here. But then reading transfer news:
"Elder Anderson, you will be going to the Coveted land of Durango." 
WOW! Big shock!!! But I am so excited!!! I get to go back to Colorado!!!!! I was literally jumping for joy, but at the same time I'm heartbroken I only got to be in Bloomfield with these wonderful people for one transfer! I've been able to see why God sent me here for multiple reasons and I feel satisfied that what I was called to do here has been done. I hope to end my mission in Durango now, I'll be staying as a Zone Leader.
Ok fasting & prayer works... We prayed and prayed for our area but didn't see any big changes. The area was going downhill. I finally decided to fast.
I know that the God I serve is the same God that assisted Ammon, Alma and other successful missionaries so I fasted for success...for miracles...for opportunities to grow missionary work in this wonderful city...he answered my prayers.
I ended my fast and the first person we went and saw invited us right in, a newly married young couple struggling with life. The wife is inactive and the husband is Catholic. They just opened up to us, the Spirit was sooo strong! In the middle of our discussion the Husband tells us "I just felt so good when you walked in here, I feel so good right now, I know you coming over wasn’t a coincidence." We invited them to take the discussions and they happily accepted. Then weird random things just kept happening to us, we asked God to help us be exposed to the community and after a series of random events we found ourselves sitting at a small table with the Mayor and his wife enjoying steak and talking about life at banquet for CEO's & Government officials. Then we found ourselves at lunch meeting the Police Chief on the club floor of the local resort, then we met the former Fire Chief who invited us to meet the current fire chief, then the next day a state Senator came up and introduced himself, it just kept happening!!! God literally threw us into the heart of the community who I know now trust and respect the Mormon Elders. 
Honestly, I was having so much fun with all these miracles, it seemed like every prayer we gave was answered. We had a banquet that we had been invited to Friday night for the Balloon festival and a family from the Bloomfield chamber invited I asked "Heavenly Father, will you provide a miracle for us? Please bless that Father of this family will ask us a question about the Church so we can discuss it with him at this banquet!' (it's a community even so we're really not supposed to proselyte and this family has not shown any interest at all ever.) 
Soo..we go to the banquet and goodness we stuck out like sore thumbs but as we were standing in the middle of the room the husband walks up to us randomly and goes. "Ok guys, so what do you teach people when you go into their houses?"
"Oh my goodness it worked!" I thought to myself and then realized I had to answer, we ended up having a long discussion about our Church and the Book of Mormon and the restoration!
I don't know, it is just so cool, God is literally pouring out his Spirit upon this city and I am a witness to it, I know it will continue and that they will have success here and build the area!

Next stop, Durango!

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