Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life in Bloomfield is fantastic!!

Well sorry we're so late this week, the library was closed on Monday due to Memorial Day, and then we were on exchanges for 2 days… sooo yeah, sorry!

Well life in Bloomfield is just fantastic! I had the opportunity to go to Church with my brother Tyler and meet my beautiful niece for the first time, it was a special blessing that I’m grateful for!
The work here is so good and so hard at the same time. It’s good because the members are AMAZING. But it’s hard because I’m still adjusting to teaching white people again and honestly, it’s really hard, it’s just a totally different teaching style.
I got to meet my beautiful niece for the first time this week and got to go to Church with my brother and his family which was just an amazing experience! I thought it would make me homesick but, in reality, it just makes me want to work harder than I ever have for these last couple of months as a missionary so I can return home with no regrets!
We are teaching one great family, the Archuleta’s, they have 3 daughters, and 1 son. 2 of the daughters and the son want to be Baptized really bad so we’ve been working closely with them. We just have to make sure all the commandments are being followed within the family so they can all enjoy the blessing of the Temple and being members. PLEASE keep them in your prayers!
Please also keep me in your prayers, that I’ll be able to adjust to the area and people and find people to teach. I love being a missionary so much and time is running out and I just want to make the most out of it!
Love you all!

-Elder Anderson

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