Monday, June 26, 2017

Durango is AMAZING!!

Well IM BACK IN THE BEST STAKE EVER!!! Oh my goodness I just love the people up here in Durango and the surrounding area. 
Durango is AMAZING! I can’t believe how beautiful it is, we basically live in a cabin 20 ft from the national forest. We were like 3 inches from hitting a bear the other night…like we are OUT THERE and it’s soo pretty!
This week was good, it’s always kind of hard for me to adjust to a new area but I’m getting it down!
We also cover a small branch an hour further into the mountains called Silverton and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! We went up to Silverton on Wednesday to meet some of the Branch Presidency and it’s such a cool little town. It’s extremely high up there, over 8,000 ft, the branch has about 12 active members and they really want to increase that. Silverton hasn’t been worked in a long time and we’ve found a way to get rides up there weekly because there is so much potential work to do, and we know that the branch can grow with the help of the great members up there!
The miracle about this week is that I found out exactly why I was in Bloomfield for just 6 weeks…I learned exactly what I needed to learn in very specific situations with very specific people that prepared me for this area! But seriously….I pray I don’t get transferred again…I’m very tired of moving;) 
Love you all!

1-Our cute branch building
2-My cute self
3-Cute little Silverton 

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