Monday, May 1, 2017

It Finally Happened!

Sorry if you randomly get my emails on and off...still haven’t figured out how to send in groups.
IT FINALLY HAPPENED! Mike got Baptized!!!! What a miracle!! Like I can't even tell you how many miracles played into him getting there, thank you so much for all your prayers!!! It was a really special day, he wore a white shirt and tie for the first time in his life after he got baptized and he just looked like a new person! We had a close call on Sunday, he lives waaaaay out in Red Valley so he was a little late to Church...15 minutes late to be exact. He walked in right as Bishop was announcing him to get confirmed so he didn't even sit down, just walked in and up front and did it! Wahoo!
I seriously just love the Indian Reservation...I can't believe I've already been here half a year! It's a crazy place but the people are so wonderful! If you ever have the chance to vist, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! Just remember these tips that have helped me in my stay.:) Yes, they all have stories/experiences behind them.
-Big dog? Just bend down and pretend to pick up a rock. They're all Rez trained and scatter.
-Careful with the water...
-Don't polish your shoes, it's pointless.
-Point with your lips.
-EVERYTHING taste better with green chili…and salt.
-Ignore the gunshots
-Red lights DO NOT mean anything so don't expect anyone to stop.
-Don't gossip to anyone because they're most likely related to half the town.
-Don't be surprised if a horse comes up to you at the gas station.
-Even if the house looks abandoned…still knock, someone lives there.
-Mutton (old sheep) Goes best with fry bread!
-Don't worry, "They Disappeared" is a valid drop reason.
-Throw an “S” at the end of everything. (I’m chopping woods)
-You better have a 4-wheel drive.
-Prepare to become the cops, firefighters, & EMT's.
-Use an axe or a scythe...but not a Chainsaw!
-Don't be surprised if you end up speaking in Sacrament meeting, teaching Sunday school, and also Elders Quorum.
-Just because it's a road doesn't mean it goes anywhere
-Farmington becomes "The Big City".
-LOTS of people have the same last name…doesn't mean they're related.
-Going to Walmart once a month is a day on the town.
-Always wear at least one item of turquoise to fit in.
-You'll learn what color mud comes from certain areas so you can track people down.
-Just because a horse can get on top of a mesa, doesn't mean a human can.
-Watch out for the Pterodactyl that preys on lives in the mountains...with bigfoot.
-Tacoma or Nissan with a white box in the window? It's the Elders.
-Stay away from Tepee’s.
-Don't confuse Chile with Chinle
-Say goodbye to green can only see it in "The Testaments".
-The glitter on the side of the road isn't's glass.
-What’s all the commotion? It's just a UFO over Wells Fargo.
-If anyone asks...mouthwash cures hangovers.
-It's normal to have your church surrounded by heavy duty barbed wire fences....and also the trailer you’re living in.
-Stay away from the Uranium mines.
-Don't panic if your directions include "turn left at the goat". Don't worry, the goat will be there. Always.

Now you can survive;) LOVE YOU ALL!
-Elder Anderson

1-Mikes Baptism
2-Yes...he's sleeping
3- Selfie time!
4- Picture by Sister Adams of Kirtland missionaries :)
5- Drollinger drive by (My sister-in-law Sadie's house) 

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