Monday, May 22, 2017

Bloomfield is on fire!

Goodness these weeks are just going by faster and faster! I just can’t seem to slow them down. I hit 19 months this week as a missionary which is just mind blowing to me, I’m determined to hit the finish line running and refuse to allow myself to get distracted or trunky.
This week was great! I got to spend half of the week on the Apache reservation which was just awesome! I missed getting directions like “go up the road and you’ll see a white box…and a tree. Take a left!” Also, the first thing I saw coming into it was a lady laying in the middle of the road not moving next to a four-wheeler she flew off of…that was an adventure. I’m not sure if she lived or not. Dulce, the city we worked in, is BEAUTIFUL. It is DEEP in the mountains. It’s also renowned for UFO’S and now I’m one of the crazy people you always hear about that saw a weird glowing red orb flying around and into mountains, I don’t believe in aliens or anything like that but it was definitely weird;) We were trying to get to a destination and basically spent 2 hours chopping up fallen trees with axes to get through the covered and obliterated road, it was an adventure.
Being a missionary is just too much fun and rewarding. I had the opportunity to teach a family this week about the plan of salvation. It was such a cool experience to see tears rolling down a mother’s face when she discovered her son isn’t in hell but is a part of a loving Gods plan for His children. 
We're on fire here in Bloomfield and just can't stop finding new people to teach! I love you all!

1-This is an example of how texting goes on the Reservation...all the time.
3-Trying to get to an appointment

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