Monday, April 3, 2017

PLEASE pray for our investigators!

Well, all I can say is PLEASE pray for our investigators!!! Like it has been a roller coaster with them. Do you remember the Garnenez family? The Methodists? Well our last meeting was just crazy...basically God humbled me and showed me just how much He doesn't need my help but chooses to bless me with success....Elder Hansen and I were pretty sick...the lesson wasn't going anywhere...I'm like tripping over my words and Brother Garnenez says, "So you’re saying our Baptism is invalid?".....It sounded like a loaded question that he was just gonna explode on us, so I'm thinking of how to reply and the member we brought with us says, "NOPE! DOESNT COUNT!" I'm like waiting to get shot because their Baptism meant a lot to them...Brother Garnenez......"Ok, well, we are all being Baptized then, we'll be coming to church next week..."

What....6 years of meeting with missionaries....agonizingly long lessons and that was it...I totally missed the ball on that....and yes...they came to Church:) But they're still having a hard time saying goodbye to their church so pray for them!

We also basically lost broke my heart, he was so ready for his Baptism in a few weeks. We went over the interview questions and we felt prompted to ask him if he'd prayed about the Native American Church and the peyote meetings. His reply was that he felt good and wanted to do both. We explained that to be Baptized into the Lord’s Church he would have to give it all up, he couldn't have both, you cannot serve two masters. 
Mike- "Well thank you for your time, but I can't be part of this church if that's what it is asking of me." 
Us- "But Mike, what if this Church is true?"
Mike- "I know it is true, but I won’t give up my traditions, they are my family's."

We talked about how his allegiance should be to God and no one else but it just wouldn't do anything....he was, as the Book of Mormon puts it, blinded by the traditions of his ancestors....he is deeply pondering everything right now and he went home and watched the last session of Conference when the 70 spoke to all we're praying hard and waiting in silence to see what happens.

Missions are just emotionally destructive on you....never can you be so happy and so sad in a single day! Love you all!

1- Enjoying homemade cookies from Mom that the Chipman's delivered :)

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