Monday, April 24, 2017

Miracle's are part of God's church!

Well the Garden Program is in full swing, we’ve been fertilizing and tilling all week! Next step is to start building the fences around the gardens and setting up the water drip system and, of course, planting!
Mike Descheenie is doing really, really great! That conference talk was a miracle and I believe all of your prayers on his behalf have strengthened him a lot! While we were Hogan hunting for new people to teach, we found a young man named Kendrick who is actually from the Philippines, he invited us right in and was really excited about our message, he committed to read and pray. I just love finding people and planting seeds, I think it’s very rewarding. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to look out across the valley and know everything from Shiprock to the mountains way in the distance is your area…you’re one of two people in the world that have been set apart as full time servants in that area, it’s up to you to find, teach, and retain…the goal is everyone. But how cool is it that God trusts 18-21 year olds to do this, that’s a lot of responsibility. One thing that I learned this week is summed up in this line:
“…it seems to be an integral part of the Lord’s plan for the lives of faithful Saints that even though they have planned carefully, worked hard, and used wisely their available energies and talents-all of which needs to be done—invariably they will be confronted with challenges that can only be met and overcome by the Lord’s making bare his holy arm.”-Pace
Miracles are part of God’s Church! Expect miracles and rely on the Lord for strength to overcome your trials that you cannot physically overcome alone.

Love you all!

-Elder Anderson

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

I can't think of a better place to be for Easter than on a mission! It was just wonderful! Easter on the Reservation was the best Easter I have ever had. It's truly been a great week! Mike was able attend a Baptism for someone from the Teec Nos Pos branch and really felt the Spirit confirm to him that Baptism is what he wants. Every new convert has to wrestle with the devil in some way or another, some break, some push through. Mike, so far, has been able to push through and we continue to pray that he does.
Shiprock is moving forward slowly! The Self-Reliance program is up in full swing and the Gardening Program will be started this week hopefully! It's amazing to see all the resources that God has given His Church, these programs are inspired and truly come from the Lord!
I guess a big lesson I learned is belief and knowledge. I've been so focused on having to KNOW it's true, or KNOW He lives that it was starting to get distracting. But then it hit me, it says nowhere in the Scriptures that we have to KNOW in order to be saved, God doesn't ask us to know, He asks us to believe! Alma 32 teaches us the wonderful equation of turning Faith (belief) into knowledge, so one day we can all KNOW, but if you have doubts, don't worry! All you have to do is believe! That is step 1 in the Gospel, Faith (belief) in Jesus Christ and His atonement! I believe in Christ and I believe He lives!
Love you all!
-Elder Anderson

1-Our district
2-Easter at the Yellowhairs!
3-It got hot in our room and are little cooler wasn't I took matters into my own hands and "rezd it out" lots of garbage bags and painters tarp.:)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Thank you for your prayers!!

Well I just want to give you an update on Mike...AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS on his behalf!!!! He ended up going home and watching the rest of conference, including the speaker addressing investigators, which turned out to be life changing for I'm sure more than one person here in Shiprock. He came to church Sunday and we sat down with him and started probing to figure out where we were at. He told us he wants to be baptized still. "What Changed? What about the Native American Church?" 
"I went home and God spoke to me through one of the Speakers, God told me to take the missionaries seriously and that he would be with me forever if I did, I felt it deep in my chest and it really touched me. I could feel that the Savior had opened a door for me to enter and I must be Baptized. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that President Monson is a living prophet of God."
Wahoo!!!! What a miracle!!!! And his Grandmother wants to be Baptized with him now. That one will be interesting because she literally doesn't speak ANY English so we'll have to teach her all the lessons in broken Navajo(us) and a translator. I'm just so grateful for the Spirit of God because that is what changed his heart so much, not us, not the speaker, but God and his Mighty Spirit! What an honor it is to be on the same side as Someone who can perform miracles like that, Satan doesn't have a chance in the long run! I love you all!
-Elder Anderson

2-The weather was good when we started tracting....but it turned on us.
3-I've never experienced walking so much that you have to tie your sock together just to get home