Monday, March 13, 2017

Shiprock is on fire!

Goodness, Shiprock is on fire! We are in full swing implementing the Native American Initiative here! Lots of meeting's and training's and more meetings and it's finally arrived. Effective immediately, invitations are being sent out to all of the people that the ward and missionaries have collected and listed as eligible for the initiative. A couple of things are happening. The full-time missionaries, working in conjunction with the ward, will oversee a garden program, basically the church provides everything for a 30x30 garden (fences, irrigation, soil, seeds etc.) and we go and teach them how to set it up, plant, maintain and harvest it all. The goal is for them to physically do all the work, which will help them with self-reliance. We'll have a garden route to go around and check on all our gardens in the area. Chinle and Tuba City have a similar garden program and have over one thousand gardens. We hope to get Shiprock up there with them. 

Another part of the Initiative, is the Self-reliance program. Basically it is a group meeting with a facilitator that will assist the members of it with getting an education, finding work, finding work that will pay more, teach finances and a list of other things that will really get a lot of people on their feet. All of the institute will also be taken to Salt Lake City for the upcoming general conference.....President Kimball prophesied that Shiprock would be a stake someday and I'm actively watching this roll forward and begin to become a reality. Step by step, it will take time, but one day it will be there....and I truly believe a temple will be a part of it.

November Litson is a 9 year old girl out in Cudei that we've been teaching and she got baptized last week! It was such a special day for her and her family because her older brother baptized her! Tenecia and Warren are still working on getting married and are signed up for the Garden/Self-reliance program which will help them out A LOT! I just love this work!! It's going too fast! 
-Elder Anderson

-Hogan hunting

-Novembers Baptism (yes as you can see, the Swine Flu took a toll on me, but the good news is I lost like 10 pounds!)

-More Hogan:)

-Elder Sandberg came and visited me! (I served with him in Winslow)

Awarded 2nd place for vehicle maintenance (photo courtesy of Sister Jeane Chipman)

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