Monday, March 20, 2017

Shiprock is just awesome!!

    Well what can I say? Shiprock is just awesome! Do you remember Mike? The traditional man struggling with the Native American Church ceremony's and peyote? (said he could never leave it behind) Well we drove out to Red Valley on Tuesday to meet with him for the first time after our super intense lesson on Sunday. We saw him and he said, "Today we'll be meeting in the Hogan"........"Great" I thought. I just knew what was about to happen. The Hogan is where a lot of ceremonies are held so I was thinking he's going to bring us in and say something along the lines of " I listened to you about your church so now let me show you mine".....well we sat down in the Hogan and he just wanted to meet in it that day because it is a spiritual place that represents mother earth....then he proceeded to tell us how he had a dream that he was in a white room and someone came up to him and told him to read the Book of Moses, that person then took him into an even brighter room with people wearing beautiful white clothing. Well, there are a couple very significant things about that dream. One is that he's just been studying in the Bible and Book of Mormon, no one has introduced him to the Pearl of Great price so he didn't know anything about the Book of Moses. Another significant part about it, is that the Book of Moses contains the purified record of the creation, fall, doctrine of the Redeemer and the great Plan of Salvation, basically all the things that have been very, very badly modified in the ceremony's that he's been he read it, and Mike's getting Baptized at the end of April! Keep him in your prayers because now Satan is working really hard on him!

Another super cool miracle that happened this week was with Shiprock’s first missionary is many many years! Brandon Jim is going to Peru this week and he is soo excited! We've been helping him pack and get ready for his trip and we came over on Sunday night to help him pack everything in and teach him about flying and traveling. Well... we showed up and it was just chaos, everyone was freaking out because both his bags were overweight and they'd already removed a lot of important things.
 So we laid it down and took even more things out, (shampoo, extra toothpaste etc.) And put like 15 pounds of stuff in his side bag that he'd have to carry with him on the airplane(books)...after all that, the bags were still 51 pounds and 52 pounds (they're supposed to be 50 or under and he should have extra weight to spare for the MTC) so they were really panicked. The Spirit told me to say a prayer....DUH we hadn't done that! I said a prayer that Brandon would have plenty of weight to spare with his bags. I said amen and weighed the bag that, seconds ago, just measured 51 pounds....3 tests just to make sure we were seeing it correctly...the bag now weighed 44 pounds. We then weighed the bag that had previously just weighed 52 pounds....the bag now weighed 43 pounds......we were all in shock. No one touched them. Brandon was able to put all the heavy stuff back in his bag that we had taken out to save weight and he still had almost 10 pounds to spare because every time we weighed the bags again they would drop a pound.

I testify that the Lord takes care of his Missionaries, he wants Brandon on his Mission, and He wasn't going to allow a few pounds stress him and his family out!
Love you all!

1- Tracting in the middle of nowhere
2-Came into the living room to find this....
3-Making Frybread with the Yellowhairs!
4-Brandons farewell

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