Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm in Shiprock for another transfer!

Well...It looks like I'll be pushing another quarter of my mission In Tse' Bit' Ai' (Aka Elder Hansen and I are going to kill it in Shiprock for another Transfer). We're stoked because Shiprock is on fire and the work is just going so well! We've been blessed with so many miracles and I can't wait to see more! Mike is doing great, he's continuing to read his scriptures and just can't wait to be Baptized! All of our other investigators that have been progressing just stopped moving forward, which has been kind of hard but I know patience is a virtue! 
   It's easy to just give up on someone when they seem like everything you taught them hasn't been applied at all but I know that the Savior must have felt similar when he had to rebuke his newly ordained apostles time after time, but he never gave up, and neither will I! President Hinckley said that if there is ANY sliver of hope for someone to accept the gospel not to let go.

Funny Teec Nos Pos....tiny tiny tiny little community on the Reservation in our district....well there is a Mesa there that no one has ever climbed up on top of in the area because it was too steep and the other day everyone in Teec was just in an uproar over the fact that they woke up and found one of their sheep on top of the one knows how it got up there...and no one knows how to get it down....rescue efforts have been organized to no avail at this point....I guess the scripture about leaving the 99 to go after the 1 is a real thing.

Love you all!

1- Me trying to hit the stupid tree down with a weight bar...the tree blew over in a storm and has been making really annoying noises...
2-The REZ Elders....
3-We decided to hike to the top of the Chuska Mountains
4-Our overly populated area

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