Monday, February 13, 2017

Strange, hard, and good week!

Man...this week has been strange, hard and good! The other day, we found out that one of our potential investigators literally burned to death in front of one of our other investigators yeah...I guess he was drunk and fell asleep in his car and then his car blew up. Bummer.

We also received news that Curtis and Christina decided they don't want to be married, so that's a real problem, obviously, and that makes it so their son, Sky, can't get baptized unfortunately...but on the other hand, we met November, a cute little 9-year-old girl who is part of a family trying to get active again and we'll be teacher her. We also found Mike! He lives waaaaaayyy out there in Red Valley and is SUPER traditional, in his own words, "I want a church that will let me practice my traditional ways like peyote meetings and fire ceremony's and go to church." Well, you can't serve God and Mammon so that was a problem that we didn't know how to address at the beginning of our meeting, because you could tell he would be offended and we taught him the Restoration and then at the end, the Spirit prompted Elder Hansen and me to explain that the Book of Mormon was a pure recored that contained the true way to worship God that even some of his ancestors did and that the pure true way to worship was warped and changed. He understood and was really excited to read about the ancient prophets on this side of the world. At the end, Brother Johnson started bearing his testimony to him in Navajo about how all the ceremonies are the same and just altered a little bit and how he used to be traditional too, but found through the Book of Mormon the pure way to worship our Almighty Creator, the Great Spirit, our Father. The Spirit was so strong and it was just awesome!!

Also, Pastor Garnenez is still teaching from the Book of Mormon and all that we teach him at the Methodist Church. He also said, "I wonder what they'll do WHEN I tell everyone at church that the Book of Mormon’s church is the true church." SWEET! We're just waiting until the end of March when another pastor will take over the Methodist church there so he can start coming to ours. A member stopped by his house and Pastor Garnenez told them that Joseph Smith HAD to be a prophet. Really cool! Pray for them!

Elder Anderson

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