Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fantastic Week!!

This week I was so spiritually fed. Yesterday, Elder Arnold from the 70 came and trained us and spoke to us on basically just how to be better missionaries! He spoke in the April 2016 conference about rescuing our Less Active and Non Member friends. He's intense and I really learned a lot!

Gilbert made it to his baptism!! It was such a good experience. He was set to be baptized with some other people and they had the program all planned out and then at like 10:30pm the night before, our phone lit up with tons of texts saying that the Baptism was off for the others...meaning that Gilbert was the only one being baptized and that the planned program was now inexistent so it was AWESOME!

Our ward mission leader pulled his recourses together, Elder Hanson and I gave short little talks and the baptism was over and done in 30 minutes! It was great! It was really nice to have it so short, it helped me appreciate that baptism is for entering the Kingdom of God, not a popularity or social celebration for a new member. We performed the ordinance, spoke for a few minutes, welcomed him to the ward, had a snack and went home!

Just keep Curtis and Sky in your prayers. Their baptism is getting closer and closer and they've been working with missionaries for more than 5 years, it seems like every time they get close, Satan hits them hard. Curtis and his wife are getting married on Valentine’s Day by Bishop and then baptized that Saturday, so pray for them!!

Remember the Methodist preacher that we're teaching?? Well, we have a lesson with him on Thursdays and then he goes to his church on Sunday and he preaches what we taught him...a lot of times out of the Book of Mormon secretly. His wife brings her huge Book of Mormon to church also to comment and teach and read from it....soo epic...we just are working on them coming to the True Church. They all have testimony's of it. Frieda (the mom) bore her testimony to us through tears about how much the Book of Mormon has filled the empty spots of her soul and helped her understand the Bible better. Their son Sheldon had a dream about trying to find the true Church and an old man appeared to him and directed him the our church.....the dad is still struggling though, because he teaches at the church, so pray for him too!

Elder Anderson

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