Monday, January 23, 2017

Howdy Everyone!

Well howdy everyone!!
I hope you all had as great of a week as I did...because once again...I had a pretty great week! :)
Remember the Garnenez family? (Methodist minister) Well, we took them on a church tour and they just fell more and more in love with out church. They could NOT deny the Spirit there!! A lot of times under super spiritual conditions like that, when people commit to do something according to the Spirit they go home and "snap out of it" (Satan hits them) and a lot of times they think, "Wow, that was close, I can't believe that just happened." And they just shut down and turn us away...So we were really worried that was going to happen, especially when they realized they would be leaving the church they've been preaching at and attending for like 40 years...

Well...we went over the their house a few days later to make an appointment and they invited us in and say, "Well...we've been thinking and talking a lot...and we're going back to our tell them we're leaving and becoming Mormons! So when can we get sealed in the temple? And can we bring other families to your church? And can our son get baptized too?" 
(Us in total shock) "Umm, yes Brother Garnenez, you're definitely ok to bring other families to our church...and yes your son can get baptized too... I think we can arrange that in our schedules." :)

ALSO! WE FINALLY GOT INTO RUFUS!! We haven't seen him in was a crazy lesson...he told us there are just "too many rules" for him and that it was stressing him out and that someone at church said that if they got baptized and stopped coming, they would be in worse shape than if they had never gotten baptized. 
So it went something like this... "Well, that's true in the aspect (read 2 Nephi 31 and enduring to the end) and also...Cherylle... you are already baptized soooo.....(she goes like ghost white as she realized her position that she was failing to endure to the end) and Rufus....quitting now, you're still going against the light and knowledge you've received." Basically, it was a "what to, how for" lesson and the Spirit was sooo strong!! He promised to start praying again and that we could start meeting again, but that he needs a lot more time for baptism, so thank you all for your prayers!!

I just love my mission and all of you, so thank you for all your prayers!! President Adams told me the other day, "You know, Elder Anderson...if people could see the change in you that I've seen they would get emotional." I know that's true because I was a punk...still am...but I'm working on it. :) I just know that the Lord Jesus Christ truly makes our weaknesses strong if we just keep pushing forward and DON'T give up!! 

Love Elder Anderson

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