Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

Well, CHRISTMAS WAS JUST AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, my goodness Christmas on the Rez is amazing...we had like 5 different dinners! Some BIG changes were made in Shiprock this week for the new year. The Native American Initiative is officially started and I'm white washing...once again...the other side of Shiprock (West side), so all 3 Shiprock Elder's got transferred out and left me behind! Today I’m going into Farmington to Pick up Elder Hansen who just finished training and I'll be taking over the entire Shiprock area as a District Leader...which is down past Red Valley and Cove to the border of Many farms and Round Rock and Lukachuki....IM PUMPED!!! It's one big adventure!! We got a new truck and a ton of miles to drive to Cove, Red Valley, and Cudei and bring the people back to Church!
We met some amazing people out in Cudei and Lower Fruitland/Hogback area this week! We also discovered the deeper you go, the more traditional and anti-white it gets...we got bashed so hard by so many people that think we're just evil from the mistakes our government has made towards was honestly really hard and depressing, but it was a great growing opportunity and we met some great people that have been ready for the Gospel! It's been really hard to get our investigators and less active members to Church so pray for us that a way will be provided to get them to the Chapel!
I'd say a cool tender mercy this week came as we were on our way home at night. We had the feeling to stop by a single sister’s house and she just opened the door in tears and surprise. She had basically gotten physically attacked that day and was just having a hard time. She'd been trying to find someone to give her a blessing but didn't know who to call, just when she was thinking that we knocked on her door. It was nothing huge but definitely just a cool experience and tender mercy to be an instrument in the Lord's hands!
Happy New Year!!

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