Monday, January 9, 2017

Busy Week!!

Wow we've barely had time to take a breath this week! My new companion is Elder Hanson and he's from Centerville Utah, right next door to me! We are honestly…ON FIRE!! Elder Hanson is such a great Elder and hard worker, we're having lots of fun but getting tons done! We spent a lot of time in the house trying to organize ourselves so we knew who we were teaching from the other side of Shiprock we are white washing...12 hours of weekly planning about killed us, but we now know everyone and it's great!
We've had some really good experiences with the youth this week. The new program from the Church is focusing on them and it's been so cool to see that the Lord is behind the work. As soon as we were trained on the program and told to look for a certain age group, they just randomly started appearing everywhere! We have found so many new people that are just a little confused about the Church and as soon as we start teaching them they just light up! We're loving Shiprock and the ward has been so kind to us as we adjust to handling both sides of this giant ward!
Love Elder Anderson

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