Monday, January 30, 2017

Another fantastic 7 days!

Well it was just another FANTASTIC 7 days in Shiprock...
One of our prime investigators got stabbed a couple times so...he's on hold until further information. BUT Gilbert on the other hand is on fire!!! Gilbert has some medical problems and he's been living with his mom for a long time and she's a member…one day he just decided he wanted to see what it was all about; we've been teaching him since I got here and he'll be getting baptized this week! Pray that he'll make it! The last week is ALWAYS the hardest and Satan hits them sooo hard…
Oscar and Tisharay we're on fire and set to be Baptized with their son in a couple months, but yeah, as I said before, he got stabbed a couple days ago by some freak of a person so…we're just waiting to see what happens's the Rez...
Warren and Tenecia live in this cozy little shed across from Nizhoni Park and they have seriously progressed so much. We we're teaching them the Plan of Salvation and had it laid out on the floor in front of him and he says: 
"It just makes nothing matters to me right now but that...I feel good." It was so cool to ask him questions to the point where he could conclude what he was feeling is the Spirit of God testifying of the truth of this beautiful, perfect, Plan.

We also got a new missionary schedule...and can I just's celestial...I love it!!! It gives just a lot more agency, time in the morning, and more time to sleep at night because missions....they just kill my energy. Some other things changed in the way we do work and as I've started implementing them I just KNOW that Gods hand is behind it and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God...Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so intertwined in this work, it's such a blessing to be a part of Their team as we bring souls back home! Love you all! Pray for Oscar!
Love, Elder Anderson

-We hiked Shiprock...and got slammed by a storm at the top, CRAZY
-The Teec Nos pos Elders had a dog show up on their porch and have 12 puppies so we got Presidents permission to make a Rez house for them.
-And deep in the desert we visited the "Elder Cave' Missionaries serving in the area have been signing their names since like the 50's.

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