Monday, December 19, 2016

Ya'tehee Ki'shmish!

Ya'tehee Ki'shmish!
We did A LOT of service this week and 100% of it was chopping wood. We spent all day preparing for a "huge" winter storm that never yeah, that was disappointing....but I lived it vicariously by watching it snow on the Sleeping Ute in Cortez;) It's weird being so close to my old area! I miss it and the people so much! That's really such an amazing blessing about a mission are all the wonderful people you grow to love. I received an email this week that Jennifer and Leo from Winslow got baptized and I am sooo excited about it!! 
We have spent a lot of time training and teaching in preparation for the Native American Initiative headed by the first presidency. Cool story. So you know how the children of Lehi are blossoming everywhere else in the world but America? Well, Elder Andersen created the Native American Initiative with the other apostles and they brought it to President Monson. President Monson went and prayed about the Natives and this initiative intended to get them to "blossom" and came back and said, "Bretheren, it's time." HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! Jesus Christ has directed His Church to move forward with this program to gather the children of Lehi back into the His fold. What a great blessing to be a part of this work! I know God lives and I know Jesus is the Messiah! Merry Christmas!

Love, Elder Anderson

Brother and Sister Chipman live across the street from me and are now serving in my mission!

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