Monday, December 5, 2016

Rez Life know...I was thinking...and I think I've had weirder, random and strange events happen to me in the last 2 weeks on the Rez than in my entire life…like I could write a book, it's a different world! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Like for instance, last night I had to literally shove a drunk guy through the window to his house because the door was locked and he would have died, he asked us very politely...well it turns out drunk guys don't have great coordination, so we basically stuffed Arnold through the window and looked in to see him just piled up on himself upside down leaning against the TV.... with his feet sticking up...shoot... "Arnold get up man your gonna hurt your neck!" 
Arnold: "Dang...I forgot this TV was here....nah I'm just gonna sleep here." We said a prayer with him and he finally laid on the floor to go to bed...don't worry, he's one of our investigators so we know it's his house and we checked on him again. That’s just one of many random stories that happens daily on the Rez. Or the other night I woke up to a horse screaming at us through our he was at our window...literally....or when we're chased by 15 wild dogs that have basically just bread with Coyotes and other dogs and just hate us...I could honestly write a's so epic.
ON THE OTHER HAND… This place is so Spiritual, like the veil is so thin here it's crazy, in a good way and bad way. But the members here are so so sweet and just want to do good and just love the Missionaries. I felt a lot better about church this week too. We got some wonderful investigators there and they had a great experience. Elder Van Meter and I had a cool experience tracting out in the country (Hogan hunting) and we walked up to this guy who just wanted NOTHING to do with us, he was mean and declared he was a peyote drinker and had his own ways so we just pulled out a pass along card of Jesus and he immediately changed and said "that is the same picture my father showed me when he was converted to God, it changed his life and mine, come on in." Soo cool, and George (his name) is very elect! 
I think the biggest growth though has been within us as the 4 missionaries living in the Shiprock trailer, one of the missionaries here experienced a terrible family tragedy and we all felt the repercussions of it, but at the same time the Lord did not leave his servants alone. It was a week of prayer, fasting and revelation as we all received a personal witness of the Great Plan of Happiness that our wonderful Father in Heaven has created for us, and through the Messiah Jesus Christ, made it possible. 
Love you all!
-Elder Anderson
D&C 28:8

No pictures from Jason this week, but I took a screen shot of a post by his new companion's mom I found on the New Mexico, Farmington Mission page :)

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