Monday, November 21, 2016

Well...see you later Winslow!!

So I got the call Saturday night, I'm packing my bags, saying goodbye this wonderful ward and going to the Shiprock Reservation in New Mexico! Crazy!! I'm pretty disappointed I'm not going to be here with people I know and love for Thanksgiving or Christmas but I'm so excited to meet and love new people!! My mission has just absolutely changed me inside and out and I can't believe how fast I'm running out of time! Only 11 months left so I got to make the best of it!!! I'll be opening up the Shiprock Ward with another Elder who's just coming out of white washing the's going to be an interesting transfer;)
I have a testimony of personal revelation though, honestly I was pretty sure God was sending me into the middle of the Indian Reservation to white wash but I received a very distinct spiritual prompting that my ministry in Winslow was complete and that he's got more work for me to do in Shiprock so here I go!! Love you all!!
-Elder Anderson

I'm gonna miss this gang of fine young men and are adventures of finding random giant canyons in our area.

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