Monday, November 7, 2016

This Area is on Fire!

Well I hate saying this but I really don't have a lot of time to email today because we're headed DEEP into the boondocks today, but I do want to just thank you all for your love and support and prayers. The area is on fire! I've got a feeling my ministry in Winslow is coming to a close soon, but we're definitely leaving this place in good hands, we have our hands so busy… We fasted and prayed to stay busier and the Lord gave us two families of 14 kids to teach...together....yes...that is 28 kids....crazy....We found 6 new people to teach this week also. Mike Eagleroad is such an amazing guy with a beautiful family, he's a member of the Mandan-Hadasa tribe and he just moved into town. He's got a lot of faith but he's stressed about finding a job so keep him in your prayers!!
We've been struggling with rejection a lot recently and I thought it was really cool to connect the dots with our church now and the Church of Jesus Christ back then.

-Christ and his gospel were bold and offended A LOT of people.
-The message and teachings that Christ taught were regarded as blasphemous to all religious parties around. Especially to the Jews, who claimed they had all the knowledge they needed.
-The people of that time who worshiped God, looked beyond the mark so much that they missed the Great Prophet who had been predicted for centuries.
-The Church received great persecution, saints were driven and murdered for their "new" belief.
-The Prophet of that dispensation (Jesus Christ) who held the priesthood and organized the church under the direction of God the Father was rejected, regarded as a lunatic, believed by many to a worker of the Devil, and was eventually Martyred for standing up for the truth.

There are so many correlations to our church in this dispensation you have to take a step back and wonder why. I encourage all to look for more connections, and I just want to leave you my testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ is once again on this earth, and it will never be taken from it again, it will remain here for eternity to lead and guide the Saints of God in Celestial glory and peace.

I love you all! Elder Anderson

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