Monday, November 28, 2016

Shiprock Reservation

Well after a 5-hour car ride back to civilization, I was greeted by President Adams and one of his assistants, Elder Van Meter, about our special assignment. After that, Elder Van Meter and I drove back to our new trailer in a compound surrounded by fences 12ft fences and gates...This has been such a crazy experience for me. The Shiprock reservation has a lot of city along the highway which is fairly's the rural parts that just blow my mind out of the water. I've literally been thrown into a different country. Different people, different culture, different food, different language and a completely different way of living. It's humbled me beyond belief. I love the people, they are very humble and Christ-like.
So Shiprock ward has been selected for a pilot program from the First Presidency and Quorum of 12 apostles, and that's about all I can say:) BUT there’s going to be some big BIG changes. The ward has 1200 baptized members in the boundaries and an average of 70 to 90 come to church, and there's just different interior issues that we'll be blessed to help resolved and build into a stronger area. The members are so wonderful and so willing to help with anything, and they love the Missionaries.
Elder Van Meter and I hit the dirt running and started tracting in the rural areas and within 1 hour I experienced more life changing crazy experience than I have in my walking down a rural road in a reservation at night just gets spooky but we are very safe and stay in tuned with the Spirit. We decided to go knock on a shed made of rotting plywood because the Spirt directed us, under normal circumstances we would have just passed by it but we found 2 very wonderful people living there that needed the gospel so much. In the past weeks, they've had countless deaths in the family and just didn't know what to do or where they went and God blessed them with the answer, such a cool experience.
Another wonderful man we're teaching now is Rufus, he's wants to do so good and wants to be Baptized but the problem is the same problem everywhere, traditions. His house was just filled with straight darkness and he told us that he had a medicine man come over and "bless it" and that's how he'd been praying and resolving issues was through the medicine man, well let me tell ya folks, that's about the fastest way to getting possessed you can get so DON'T MESS WITH POWER THAT ISNT THE PRIESTHOOD. The Spirit filled his soul as we explained to him that Heavenly Father doesn't want him to pay money or use items like corn pollen or payotee to pray and receive blessings. We taught him the true way to pray and right there he renounced the medicine man’s powers and traditions and accepted an invitation to be Baptized unto the one true living God of Heaven and Earth.
I'd say that is the biggest problem here that we're struggling with, Paganism and evil. So please pray for our safety and success! I love you all!
-Elder Anderson 

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