Monday, November 14, 2016

Prayers work!!!

Well all of your prayers worked!! Remember the super scary lesson on chastity with the Thompson’s????????????.................IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!! They got married by Bishop on Friday!!! So now nothing is in the way for her to get baptized and she is soo excited! We're going to go through the lessons with her one more time to solidify her testimony and make sure she's ready! It was so special though...their 4 year old little boy started jumping up and down yelling, "YAY!! I have a real daddy!!!" It was the first time in his life he'd been a part of a real family unit, really tender moment. The wedding also really confirmed to me just how important it is to keep covenants and get married in the Temple. The wedding was so special but their looking forward to the day that the wording isn't "for the duration of your mortal life" but forever!
I got to spend a lot of time out on the Rez outside Leup and Tolanee Tolanee Lake is probably the weirdest place I've ever been... of course it's in the middle of nowhere but it's just a weird little community, to add to the mystery of it the houses are these weird egg looking things that some guy decided would look good a long time ago…Really strange...but we had a lot of success and got to teach some amazing investigators and family's! Another great thing that happened this week happened with Jacob. We met Jacob 7 and a half months ago at one of the local restaurants that feeds missionary's for free! He's 20 years old and knew a lot about the church, we actually thought he was a less active member! Well he'd been living with his parents are EXTREMELY Baptist so they think we're going to hell so nothing happened but us seeing him once a week at the restaurant, each week he'd ask questions. Well a month ago he moved into his own apartment and started taking the lessons and on Saturday....HE GOT BAPTIZED!!! Then on Sunday he received the Priesthood and he's now preparing for a mission!! So cool!!! This area is sooo fruitful for people that need the gospel, I hope I get to stay 9 months because we've got some wonderful people that we are teaching that I've come to love so much!! I love this work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Elder Anderson

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