Monday, October 17, 2016

Larry got baptized!!!

This week has been so rewarding!!! Larry got baptized!!!!! It was so cool, he's seriously worked so hard for it and it was an amazing experience! Angela, Lasane, Lakeesha, Lastacia, and Lacory are being baptized this Saturday so please keep them in your prayers. This family is AMAZING, It’s just her and her 8 children that Elder Cranney and I found and it has been the coolest experience to see them change. One was like a hard-core gangster and he's totally flipped his life upside down. He spent all of his money on a suit for his baptism this coming Saturday. The others are just amazing and have had a rough life but the gospel has just flipped their world upside down. I would say this family joining the church is probably the biggest miracle I've ever seen in my entire life.
It sounds like this will be my last transfer here so we're working really, really hard. Sundays are crazy, we have 8 investigators trying to find classes, plus Angela's other children so basically bishop found his two missionaries totally collapsed in the hallway just to get a breath. What a great reason to be tired though! This ward is so amazing! They've gone above and beyond for fellowshipping these new converts and investigators.
We have to wake up at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning to go to the Polaca Hopi Rez for some work and then we'll be headed into Tuba City after that, which is like literally in the middle of no where, so we've been prepping everything all day and had to move the other pair of missionaries out of our apartment into their new apartment…I can tell this week is going to be a busy one...its ok though! A busy missionary is a happy missionary!!!
It's always cool to see the fruits of your work. After we started teaching Angela and her family, she called her friend in Phoenix and told her about the church, and her friend and all of her children accepted the gospel and were baptized yesterday to our excitement!!!!!!!! I really am just so thankful for all the amazing experiences the Lord gives me everyday! I love you all!!!

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