Monday, October 31, 2016

Great week!

Well, I feel like I start off every week with something like "this was a great week!" BUT every week it is so I can't help it!! Autumn’s baptism was this week and it was just soo wonderful!! Oh my goodness she was sooo cute and sweet!!! We've been teaching the Begay's since I got here and for the last couple of weeks they've started coming to church consecutively and we were able to baptize their daughter!!! We also had some fun in Sacrament meeting....there we are all settled in for the meeting and I hear someone yell at the speaker from the front, something like "AMEN!! PRAISE IT PROUDLY!!" The speaker was just as confused as we were....I couldn't see who it was but every few minutes she'd yell AMEN! And during the Sacrament prayer she threw both her arms up and started chanting something random while ding some weird finger dance....basically all eyes were on the 2 missionaries that brought her to church...we  had a little talk after church that we're not exactly holy rollers;)
I learned a lot about the power of the Spirit this week too. We sat down with a couple that has repeatedly told us they're getting baptized and married soon. They tell us how many problems they're having and that they just want to wait until February to be married. At this point in teaching them there was really no way to have this lesson without using a lot of bold language...this guy looks like a hard core gangster and is in his home, with his wife and kids around. I'm telling myself "you have no room to tell this guy what you need to tell this guy, you’re an invited guest and a 20 year old that looks and talks like your 14 soo just say goodbye and try again next time." Well I got a pretty stern rebuking from the Spirit after that one and I felt very impressed to tell them essentially the following:
"Your life will not get any better right now. You’re waiting on God to help you but I'm here to tell you that he can't and won't in this situation. The Law of Chastity is almost as serious and murdering another human being, and the Spirit of the Lord cannot and will not be in your home until you get married or move out."
I said it and expected to be shot, but the Spirit was soo strong, in my weakness with my words nothing good could have come from that sentence, but God has promised that he will not leave us alone in situations like that and he didn't let me down. They both broke down in tears and confessed that they haven't been praying or reading or anything and that from this moment on they would. The doctrine may seem harsh and mean but it is true, all blessings are predicated on obedience to a commandment, if you want an answer from God then you have to pray, and if you want the Holy Ghost fully in your life then you have to be Baptized. It's simple. But for 2,000 years it was destroyed to the point of "You don't have to do anything! Grace saves you, grace blesses you, do what you want, murder, steal, commit adultery, it doesn't matter because grace is everything." Well I'm here to tell you that Faith without works is dead. If you want answers, blessings, and salvation then you have to act.

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