Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference was so amazing!!!!

Sooo...wasn't conference just amazing!!!! I love seeing what's going on in the world and what Satan is attacking, you can always tell by what everyone talks about. There was definitely A LOT on the Plan of Salvation, the Restoration, and Missionary work!! And then the prophet comes in for priesthood session and basically just lays down the law of the Word of Wisdom in a few minutes and sits back awesome:) Especially because this mission needs the Word of Wisdom...desperately, every time we get attacked or something random, it's always a drunk, it's really really really sad. On the bright side, it does make for some pretty good journal entries;)
So I'll give you the update on the family's and individuals up for Baptism into the Kingdom soon!
Angela (single mother) and her 8 kids are doing SOO fantastic, they have so much faith. One of our other investigators, who isn't all there, went over to her house and taught her like the whole Law of Moses and said we still live it and she was TOTALLY willing to live it, fortunately for her that law was fulfilled by our Savior so no need to be executed for not obeying the Sabbath day completely:-)
Sister Thompson (we just call her Sister Thompson because she needs to be married to bro. Thompson) is on track in so many ways! She is so spiritually prepared! We went to their house Tuesday with Bishop and she goes: "We've thought a lot...and we want to wait for Valentines day, our anniversary, to get married." BIG AWKWARD silence as we panicked, not knowing what to say....Then the Spirit took over and I just had to hold on as He dragged me behind. Basically we evaluated with her whether the thought of "Nah you should wait to get married in 6 months and figure out Baptism sometime after that.." came from God or the Devil...with some ease we evaluated that this did not come from God;) Then we read Alma's sermon on the Atonement and not procrastinating the day of repentance and it just got crazier and crazier, the Holy Ghost was so strong as she broke down and told us that she felt so wrong about that decision anyway and that Satan had been tormenting her.
At that point Bishop goes, "Ok that's it, when's your lunch break on Friday?"
Sister Thompson: "Umm noon?"
Bishop: "Ok come to my office Friday for lunch and I'm marrying you both then, deal?"
They agreed! It was awesome!! So needless to say I will be one of two witnesses for a wedding this weekend:)
And finally Larry is just doing fantastic, every since we took his cigarettes away, he threw everything away that had to do with smoking and hasn't gone back since!
I'm so excited to see all these people progress. I know I probably won't be there to see them get baptized next transfer because I've been here for 6 months, but I'm just happy to be apart of they're great life!! Transfers are this week so....I guess we'll find out!! 
Love you all!!!!! Elder Anderson

It's sweater season Wahoo!!!!!!

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