Monday, October 31, 2016

Great week!

Well, I feel like I start off every week with something like "this was a great week!" BUT every week it is so I can't help it!! Autumn’s baptism was this week and it was just soo wonderful!! Oh my goodness she was sooo cute and sweet!!! We've been teaching the Begay's since I got here and for the last couple of weeks they've started coming to church consecutively and we were able to baptize their daughter!!! We also had some fun in Sacrament meeting....there we are all settled in for the meeting and I hear someone yell at the speaker from the front, something like "AMEN!! PRAISE IT PROUDLY!!" The speaker was just as confused as we were....I couldn't see who it was but every few minutes she'd yell AMEN! And during the Sacrament prayer she threw both her arms up and started chanting something random while ding some weird finger dance....basically all eyes were on the 2 missionaries that brought her to church...we  had a little talk after church that we're not exactly holy rollers;)
I learned a lot about the power of the Spirit this week too. We sat down with a couple that has repeatedly told us they're getting baptized and married soon. They tell us how many problems they're having and that they just want to wait until February to be married. At this point in teaching them there was really no way to have this lesson without using a lot of bold language...this guy looks like a hard core gangster and is in his home, with his wife and kids around. I'm telling myself "you have no room to tell this guy what you need to tell this guy, you’re an invited guest and a 20 year old that looks and talks like your 14 soo just say goodbye and try again next time." Well I got a pretty stern rebuking from the Spirit after that one and I felt very impressed to tell them essentially the following:
"Your life will not get any better right now. You’re waiting on God to help you but I'm here to tell you that he can't and won't in this situation. The Law of Chastity is almost as serious and murdering another human being, and the Spirit of the Lord cannot and will not be in your home until you get married or move out."
I said it and expected to be shot, but the Spirit was soo strong, in my weakness with my words nothing good could have come from that sentence, but God has promised that he will not leave us alone in situations like that and he didn't let me down. They both broke down in tears and confessed that they haven't been praying or reading or anything and that from this moment on they would. The doctrine may seem harsh and mean but it is true, all blessings are predicated on obedience to a commandment, if you want an answer from God then you have to pray, and if you want the Holy Ghost fully in your life then you have to be Baptized. It's simple. But for 2,000 years it was destroyed to the point of "You don't have to do anything! Grace saves you, grace blesses you, do what you want, murder, steal, commit adultery, it doesn't matter because grace is everything." Well I'm here to tell you that Faith without works is dead. If you want answers, blessings, and salvation then you have to act.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Amazing Week in Winslow!!

We had an amazing week down here!! The Lopresti's got baptized!!!! Oh my goodness it was so amazing to see the change from when we first knocked on their door to now. So I don't know if you remember me saying this, maybe I didn't, but Angela claimed to be an inactive member and that she was baptized when she was 9. We started teaching her family and it wasn't going anywhere because we had dates for the kids to get baptized, but the mom had too much anxiety and had an addiction to coffee and tea. Well, we did a search for her records, an intense search, and nothing came up. We contacted our mission president and he recommended her to be baptized again. So we came the next day and basically told her that and, "You have to start making commitments and the requirements for baptism too if you want to be baptized and with your kids." This threw her into gear. She quit coffee, quit tea, and renounced so many lifestyles; I didn't think it was possible for someone to do it so fast. Then she came to church that week and dragged her kids with her and she hasn't missed one week of church since. A couple months later, on the day or her baptism, we had the impression to search again for her records...the morning prior to baptism, under the same search, her name came up perfectly fine. I KNOW it was divine intervention, without it, goals wouldn't have been made, commitments would have fallen through and procrastination would have resulted in catastrophic damages on the Spiritual level to her family. We received a voicemail from her this morning and it was just music to our ears.
"Hey guys, just wanted to call and let you know that you and the Church have changed my life. You have been the biggest blessing to ever come into my family's life. For the first time I can feel the Holy Ghost in my home. I love you guys. Bye."
From the first time I met her with Elder Cranney, that voicemail was a miracle and it changed my life.
This week has also been full of personal revelation and I've had so many answers to questions answered through my studies. I have such a testimony that Heaven still answers. Early Christians stopped asking questions because they believed they had all the answers and subsequently plunged the earth into the dark ages. But I know through the Prophet Joseph Smith that questions have been restored to the earth, "ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you" I dare you to try it!

Love Elder Anderson

Monday, October 17, 2016

Larry got baptized!!!

This week has been so rewarding!!! Larry got baptized!!!!! It was so cool, he's seriously worked so hard for it and it was an amazing experience! Angela, Lasane, Lakeesha, Lastacia, and Lacory are being baptized this Saturday so please keep them in your prayers. This family is AMAZING, It’s just her and her 8 children that Elder Cranney and I found and it has been the coolest experience to see them change. One was like a hard-core gangster and he's totally flipped his life upside down. He spent all of his money on a suit for his baptism this coming Saturday. The others are just amazing and have had a rough life but the gospel has just flipped their world upside down. I would say this family joining the church is probably the biggest miracle I've ever seen in my entire life.
It sounds like this will be my last transfer here so we're working really, really hard. Sundays are crazy, we have 8 investigators trying to find classes, plus Angela's other children so basically bishop found his two missionaries totally collapsed in the hallway just to get a breath. What a great reason to be tired though! This ward is so amazing! They've gone above and beyond for fellowshipping these new converts and investigators.
We have to wake up at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning to go to the Polaca Hopi Rez for some work and then we'll be headed into Tuba City after that, which is like literally in the middle of no where, so we've been prepping everything all day and had to move the other pair of missionaries out of our apartment into their new apartment…I can tell this week is going to be a busy one...its ok though! A busy missionary is a happy missionary!!!
It's always cool to see the fruits of your work. After we started teaching Angela and her family, she called her friend in Phoenix and told her about the church, and her friend and all of her children accepted the gospel and were baptized yesterday to our excitement!!!!!!!! I really am just so thankful for all the amazing experiences the Lord gives me everyday! I love you all!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Staying in Winslow for 6 more weeks!

Hey guys today is crazy busy with transfers so I wont be able to write a big group one but I'm just letting you all know I will be staying in Winslow another 6 weeks!! I'm actually super excited because we're having tons of success right now so it looks like I'll break my Cortez record and be here 7 and a half months! I love you all so much!

 Retiring the picture of Jesus that has been in our window

Every Elder in this mission has to have an axe for the Rez....but it can also be used on old disgusting fences