Monday, September 26, 2016

Interesting week...

Well Monday rolled around and we were cleaning and found an old can of pepper spray:
Me: "Hey I've got a good idea:)"
Spirit: "No that's a terrible idea."
Me: "It's probably expired anyways."
Spirit: "No it's not."
Me: "I'm going to spray it into the vent so everyone in the house can get the full effect."
Well about 20 seconds later 4 missionaries crawled out of the apartment door dry heaving and coughing to death dumping milk and water and all manner of liquid on our faces and down our throats.....Moral of the story, listen to the Spirit..

This week was honestly kind of slow, but the few lessons we did have were just really...interesting. We met this lady at church, us being missionaries we were so excited a new person showed up, so we go and sit by this lady. Well, when she started talking back in sacrament meeting and chanting we knew this would be an interesting ordeal. First lesson is at a member’s house with her. And it went about like this.

Us: It's so nice to meet you and we're...
Her: Hold on I just gotta say.........Johny's dead.
Her: Really, he's dead, ask me who Johny is!
Elder Griffith:......who is Johny?
Her: Oh he's a rapist and meth head I was living with and (15 minute graphic description of Johny)
Us: We're uhh sorry for your loss?.......
Her: It's ok, he's lost.
Us: Well that kind of goes into our....
Her: Wait!! Before we start.....I'm glad Johny's dead."
Us:................................So you expressed some concern about the Book of Mormon and we
Her: Wait! Just so you know, I live the Law of Moses and go to the Baptist church.
I'll leave the rest of our lesson to your imagination;)

We had a lot of interesting encounters this week along those lines, sometimes you get caught off guard when the guy who is praying is now praying to the stars his ancestors and the sun and the mother earth and then goes in Navajo and we totally lose him. It's been fascinating learning their culture though, they have a beautiful perspective on nature and the earth and how it's alive and everything within it and on it has a purpose. I also learned that all of their religious ceremonial houses (Hogan's) face east looking towards the return of something or someone. A lot of their ceremonies mimic the Temple in ways that are almost identical. The whole Native American race is LITERALLY sitting on the gospel, it's just been altered and ritualized by Satan to the point where they don't realize it. They struggle with there traditions so much hate to give them up but like the Lamanites 2,000 years ago, if they get it, they're solid and don't turn to there traditions ever again. We try to get them to keep they're culture, leave the tradition (mostly religious ceremony's). It's amazing to see the Spirit of God work through the Reservation and I have a testimony gained through the temple that these are the children of Lehi and God has amazing promises in store for them. I know one day there will be a Temple among them on the reservation, it's just gonna take a lot of work!
Love you all!

I got carried away drawing the plan of salvation for seminary.

We also got into a baby powder fight at a service project using baby powder:)

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