Monday, September 19, 2016


Wow this week has been a we had 7 scheduled Baptisms on the 1st and 8th, just in our ward, the district had others scheduled that day too. Well, you kind of lose track of time as a missionary and didn't realize that the 1st was conference, then on top of that, the stake planned Stake conference on the 9th(next week after conference) so 2 weeks without a sacrament meeting and new converts have to be confirmed in the Sacrament meeting. So I was on the phone with President Adams and the stake president and the bishop, we determined to move ALL Baptisms to the 15th of October and all confirmations for the 16th...ME: " realize that Saturday the 15th is going to be the next Day of Pentecost right?" "Well Elder I could think of worse problems to have";) so there we have it, the Winslow Arizona stake has like 15 Scheduled Baptisms on Saturday October 15th, it would be awesome to get Pneumonia from a baptismal font wouldn't it?;)
So cool story, Elder Griffith and I have been really struggling finding new people, like 1 sorta new person to teach in the last month. We decided to fast. Well I had faith our prayers and fasting would be answered, but the Lord threw me off guard with how 'fast' he answered our fast (no pun intended). Literally that night we get a call from bishop, "well Elders, I've got 5 referral’s for you that just called me and said they want to meet with you and be Baptized and married in the temple." Umm ok that was awesome, and then church came: “Who's that? Who’s that? Who are they? Hey she showed up! Wow he came with her!” Like we had SO MANY new and random people showing up to Sacrament meeting, we tried scheduling appointments with them all but there were so many we couldn't talk to them all, it was overwhelming. So in short, fasting works and I have a testimony of it!

I really have enjoyed this week though, we had like extremely bold law of chastity lesson where we told 2 people they had to get married, committed a guy to live the Word of Wisdom and took with us like a tub of new cigarettes, had a giant Family intervention with a family that was literally choking each other when we showed up, AND we got to go to the Temple! You really start to appreciate the Temple when you can only go once a year. 

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