Monday, September 12, 2016


HEYOO!!!!!!!!!!!! We had another wonderful, busy, fast week down here in Winslow Arizona!! Elder Griffith and I are having as many lessons a week as Elder Cranney and I had when we had both wards so we're still super busy!! A busy missionary is a happy missionary! Sunday was awesome. Elder Griffith and I spoke in sacrament meeting (3rd time for me in Winslow) and we just milked it to everyone to try to get people to church, Less Actives, Investigators, you name it! We had like 20 less active/inactive members show up and 8 investigators!! Success!!! Then we totally planned our talks just for them cuz we can never teach them at there house so this was our chance haha!
Sometimes you gotta play dirty as a missionary...just the way things go to save souls;) On Saturday we went to Holbrook to volunteer for the mud run, we started out just passing papers out but in the very end we got permission to run it if we wanted...I wanted....and I ran....and It was AWESOME!:):) I love service in this mission. Here are the most common service projects..

1-Chopping Woods
2-Hauling Woods
3-Disposing of dead animals by throwing them off canyon walls to be eaten.
4- Ridiculously random things.
5-Chopping Woods

Sunday we FINALLY got into this Part Member less active family. The mom has told us the following statements over the course of 3 months: "Yeah…I'll ask the kids if they want to go, I don't wanna make them."(kids are 11 and 8 and not baptized) "Yeah well I'm catholic and Mormon so either way someone is gonna pick me up when Jesus comes again!" Last week we made contact with her again and she said, "Well, we've decide we don't want to take the kids to church or have them baptized until they're 18 so they can make they're own choice, we both believe but we don't want to force our religion on them so we're going to wait". Sooo I straight up just told her that in the world today that if she waited until her kids were 18 it would be too late for them and for her and that they were already on a path of no return and by the time 18 years old came around all of them would be lost." (Spirit told me I could say it so don't freak out) I wasn't trying to be mean, but I'm a bold missionary and I just hate excuses and watching people throw they're lives down the drain. WELL Sunday came around and we finally had an appointment set up…we were ready for battle, Scriptures, lesson planned, prayers, and on top of all that we took the Stake Patriarch. We got in and sat down and just when we were about to start......she goes "So I've been thinking about a lot what you said and we've decide that we will all be going to church now every Sunday and that the kids have to go to church if they live in this house, I want the better for them and for us, I want us to be happy and together for ever..." (I just slowly closed my bible....) Well...there went that lesson, now what? TESTIMONY time!! All 3 of us just bore awesome testimonies about the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and they're new wonderful decision to come back to the fold of God! WAHOOOO!!

It was a great week! 

Love you all! Elder Anderson

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