Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My crazy, awesome life in Winslow!

Wow my life is crazy awesome!!! We are SOOO busy!!!!!! We're averaging 20 to 30 lessons a week...which is A LOT. The work just keeps speeding up and we keep trying to catch up to it! This week we found a new beautiful family to teach. A single mom with 7 or 8 children, she told us we came at the right time and we've been teaching her and her sweet kids! She wants her and all of her children to be baptized which is a goal I can definitely accommodate;) We dropped the Assembly of God preachers, we left our witness and I feel comfortable knowing that they have received the full Gospel of Jesus Christ and I won't be held accountable on judgment day for them. We're just so busy we've had to really prioritize those ho really want to learn and progress.

We also found another investigator named Ruth. She's an elderly lady that lives deep out in the desert, we stopped by and asked if she needed any service done.....wow that was a loaded question because we've been landscaping her yard ever since but it's so worth it! She sits outside watching us and just asks questions about the gospel the whole time, and we teach while working. At the end we shared a message and she went "maybe next time you can bring me one of those books" Well it just so happens we have a box of them in our truck;) We committed her to read a chapter of Ether. We came back the next week and she goes "I'm sorry, I haven't read very much, I'm only on chapter 16 of Nephi" Umm we were very forgiving to say the least;)

On Tuesday night President himself came on visits with us to see what was going on down in Winslow. It was an AMAZING night! Lesson after lesson, we had everything set up to impress him just right, then at 8 every single appointment dropped, every backup appointment dropped, every potential appointment dropped...I was freaking out. Here was President and we knew we couldn't just end the night early or he would have some 'talking' to do with us. We were panicked and freaking out, finally I just bowed my head and said a silent prayer, asking where we should go. Immediately I got an answer "the Willeto's". I listened and we went searching but we couldn't find their house so I prayed again wondering if I got the wrong answer. I still got the same answer, but I ignored it and tried to find someone else, we were driving around a corner when the Spirit yelled at me to stop, the Willeto's house was right next to us. We went in and had one of the most powerful lessons I've ever had! LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT!!!!! Otherwise he has to yell at ya;) But I know Heavenly Father answered my prayer in my hour of need and that He'll do the same for all of you!
Love, Elder Anderson

Oh,  P.S. Yes, I am now the Winslow goat roping champion haha;)

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