Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's a great day to turn 20!!

Well it's a great beautiful day to have a birthday haha! We've got a CRAZY schedule today and tomorrow and the next day, and the next day. We are soo busy!! I love it, we're literally trying to fit appointments in where ever we can because the demand for salvation is really high in Winslow, Arizona at the moment apparently;) This week was amazing!! Church was my favorite part. Do you remember the single mom with 8 children we found and have been teaching?? All the children came to church and loved it!!! We had so many investigators at sacrament meeting we probably missed a couple! The kids loved every second of it and the ward members were so sweet to them, picking them up, fellowshipping, making them feel comfortable and dropping them off! A lot of the ward members are fellow teachers of the kids and because they were Christ like and missionaries even in their work environment, it paid off a couple years later when all of the kids were so excited to see them and talk with them. They all want to get baptized, including the mom. Wahoo!! What a great birthday present!!
Also, I don't know if you remember the little boy that died in the ER a couple weeks ago or not but we knocked on their door and his dad answered and told us that he wanted to be with his little boy and family forever and wants to get baptized. That was soo cool teaching him about the Plan of Salvation!! Then on top of that the lady who's been coming to church investigating, and expressed that she want's to get baptized, soon dragged her whole family along to church and we're having fantastic lessons with them now! EXACT OBEDIENCE BRINGS MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe how much of a refiners fire missions are for you, yes you bless so many lives through the Atonement and grace of our Savior Jesus Christ, but the real true blessing and change comes to the Missionary! I look back and see how much I've changed and I still have so much farther to go which is relieving. I always had the wrong attitude that If I went on a mission Heavenly Father and the Lord would be grateful for my service, but oh how much I have to thank THEM for their service to me! I love you all! Have a FANTASTIC WEEK.

Elder Anderson

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