Monday, August 29, 2016

A busy missionary is a happy missionary :)

Well this has to be a quick one because I was supposed to be on the road to Farmington New Mexico an hour ago...woops!!! Transfers came and Elder Cranney is getting shipped off, I'm going to pick 3 new Elders up to train them on the area down here so we're headed up to Farmington which is about 5 hours normally but we have to stop in Lucachuki (deep rez) so it'll be like 7 hours, then I gotta drive back tomorrow.
We had a great week, like sooo great!! The ward has to stop praying for our success or slow it down a little because it's working! We had 10 investigators at church, and 20  inactive/less actives show up, found another family of investigators that want to be Baptized, have 6 baptisms coming up in 3 and 4 weeks and possibly 2 more in week 5. We haven’t even been able to eat lunch the last couple of days, I've never been so Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically tired in my life, it hurts so good:) A busy Missionary is a happy missionary!!!
Winslow is so great, there are sooo many natives that come off the Rez and it just makes things so interesting in the city part of my area. Unfortunately alcohol is a big like a HUGE problem I should say. So every day we usually have some weird encounter with someone who is very drunk and wants to say a prayer in Walmart, or the gas station or at the stop I say no to a prayer?? Usually they're very respectful to us because we are Gomale which in Navajo is interpreted to "Sprit whisperer of the Great Creator" or "God talker". But some of them are also very superstitious of our "yee nahgloshii" (some type of power) but that can also be confused with the extremely evil works that happen on the rez too. So it's interesting, but for the most part just awesome!!!
I'm excited to get to know my new companion and the other 2 Elders they're sending to live in our apartment! 

Love you all!

-Elder Anderson

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