Monday, July 11, 2016

Sorry I missed last week :)

Well sorry I missed you last week with the 4th, it was Crazy! On the 4th (Monday) We went up to Joseph City for they're city festival, basically Jo city is an old Mormon Pioneer colony so it's like an LDS oasis in the middle of Arizona, so almost everyone there is a member and there is 3 wards! Well.. Basically the Elders destroyed the city at the Volleyball tournament so yes yes hold your applause;) We spent a lot of time getting to know everyone and the stake president too so it was fun, the library was closed that day. Then the next day we had to wake up at 4 am and go deep into the Rez for our Zone conference in Tuba City, we spent like 4 hours detailing the truck and by the time we got there it was....very sad to say the least....the desert is dirty...who knew?? We got to spend some time in Polaca and Oraibi, which is like one of the oldest still inhabited villages on this continent. All of the Hopi's live on top of 3 huge mesa's because of they're promise to the great white God to never fight again, so the Navajo's were terrorizing them so they moved onto these cliffs and it is soooo cool!! Zone Conference was wonderful, got new phones, which are not wonderful. They also supplied us all with new dog weapons, basically rez dogs are like packs of wolves and they will straight up eat you so and they're everywhere so we get permission to carry slings, and knives and poles and stuff.
We've had a great week of teaching! Larry Oso is a Native man who lives in the Winslow city limits and has been off and on with the missionaries for the last couple years. He was down in Snowflake and was wondering "what all the rush was to get to this temple thing" so he drove up to it and said he had an extremely powerful moment and basically drove away say "Oh...that's why." He's now set for Baptism on the 6th of August! I also learned that you really have to be patient with people and you never know what you do that would affect them in the future. Right after I got here a few months ago we met a part member less active family, we gave them priesthood blessings because they were moving to the valley for a few months. Well last week they came back and from that experience they all want to get baptized! The mom who is catholic has been coming to church for all 3 hours with or without her husband and kids, like nothing will stop her, it's so cool!!! So keep both native families in your prayers!! This is my last week with Elder Ewing and then he goes home so next Monday I'll have transfer news! 

Love you all!!

-Elder Anderson

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