Monday, July 25, 2016

I didn't know my body had energy like this... :)

Just when I thought I was gonna die from exhaustion, we had another service project in the 105 degree heat, then I really thought I was gonna die, then we had more, then more lessons then more lessons, then capped the week off with 10 hours of church then forgot we had to speak in sacrament meeting....WOW my body has been pushed to new levels this week, the Lord has definitely given me just enough strength to push on. When we ache and want to cry and fall asleep in the car, we just push on, that's what Jesus Christ did and that is what I do everyday.
I absolutely love the people from the other ward! They've welcomed me in with open arms.

Leo Leonard is an old grumpy awesome lovable guy if that makes sense. Basically he's been taking the missionary discussions since he was 16, his wife is a faithful member but I think has given up hope...until last week:) We've been teaching him for a few months and last week we went in and watched the restoration moving, right in the middle of the movie the spirit told us to pause I'm like...ok this will be awkward, not really knowing what was going to happen. We paused it and felt inspired to ask him right there to say a prayer and ask if this is the Lords church on the Earth again! Wow that room felt like lightening! He asked us how to pray and we taught him and then he said a simple but POWERFUL prayer asking God if it was true, there was so much energy in the atmosphere, his wife was crying and he told us that he got his answer, he knew it was true. He came to church that week:) So keep him in your prayers!!

I spent A LOT of time out on the Rez this week too, Leup is a Navajo Rez about an hour north from Winslow. We spent a lot of time at the flea market making contact with all sorts of people. The flea market feels like your in another country, almost EVERY one only speaks Navajo which is obviously hard to understand, I can only pick out bits and piece's now and have simple conversations. Sheep walking back and forth, goats, pigs, horses, man eating dogs…it's like the Wild West. We got attacked by some drunk guys and rebuked them in front of everyone and it was like the movies, everything just stopped...then went back to normal and we got a lot more attention. CRAZY. We went another hour deeper into the desert to a small community called Grand Falls. In order to get to the community we have to cross the little Colorado about 30 yards up from the Grand Falls which are a couple hundred feet wide and high so we can ONLY cross if it's dry and there are no clouds in sight, even then we have to be careful and if we get stuck on the other side, it could be for several days so it's an adventure.

The whole mission goal is to get a temple on the Reservation which is soo difficult because we have to do it line upon line and that starts with getting everyone to pay tithing which the Natives have a BIG problem with so I hope and have faith one day we'll be able to do it in the Lords own time!

Love Elder Anderson

Service with a smile J

House to ourselves so queen beds all around:)

Grand Falls dry

Scary Rez roads    

Yes I won the competition, but didn't go for the reward;)