Monday, June 6, 2016


Hola!! I'm getting really tired of all the different languages I hear and they all sound the same now, Hopi, Navajo and Spanish are just blending together so I'm sorry if my English is terrible:P This week I learned alot, really just about my self. Missions are like super refiners fires for yourself, it gives you so much time to evaluate your spiritual and temporal well being. Any miss balance of my homeostasis seems to just throw my way off, I'm learning a lot about my self, the Holy Ghost and how much Jesus Christ and God the Father are invested in my life and every other life in this universe. 
I've had a lot of fun experiences the last couple weeks whenever I wake up randomly in the night and this week was a five foot asteroid that landed in the desert near me, that was cool!! We met a couple new people this week too. We were tracting to find a woman who was interested and her brother answered the door and goes "we're Catholic" and starts to close the door. Well I'm so fed up with people doing this to me that I basically stuck my foot in the door and asked him a question. He goes "What are you JW's?" And that was our golden opportunity to give him the quickest most important message that man has and will ever receive in his earthly existence. He started asking genuine questions, like REAL questions that come from a hungry soul starving for truth. He couldn't believe that there was a real prophet on the earth and couldn't stop asking questions about him. The Spirit was so strong as we gave him a Book of Mormon and he asked for permission to come to church! I have high expectations for him.
I've also had the great opportunity to do a lot of family history this week and the promise that Elder Bednar made concerning it has definitely come true. I feel protected from evil and I truly feel my ancestors watching over me.
We've also had a couple of experiences that I'm not going to go into detail about but I do want to give a warning. There is a reason Alma commanded his son not to talk about or reveal the secret combinations that the devil has instituted since Cain. There is A LOT of witchcraft and dark evil power that comes from the reservations, medicine men, and secret combinations plague it. The devil has real power, don't look for it, research it, or become interested or curious about it even if you think you’re strong enough. I know his power is real and that we are weaker when we search evil. I've got a couple journal entry's my kiddo's will be wondering about in a couple dozen years for sure;) BUT I also know that the priesthood is real and much more powerful. As a worthy Saint we're protected from evil and because of Jesus Christ we don't have to fear it. Jesus Christ is the key, the power, and the only way we can escape and overcome Satan in this darkening world. I'm a real witness that He is hastening his work and Satan is also. Just as this is the dispensation of the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel, it is also the dispensation of the fullness of Evil. Stay close to our Lord and we will conquer all!!

-Elder Anderson

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