Monday, May 9, 2016

I survived...

Winslow has just been full of surprises! Wednesday night I basically just collapsed in pain and started screaming in agony…. turns out kidney stones are painful, who knew?;)  My poor companion didn't even know what happened, he was running around in circles trying to find a phone while I'm screaming at the top of my lungs, our neighbors probably thought we were insane...The hospital was a fun time, all four of us sat in the ER for 4 1/2 hours, they gave me A LOT of painkillers and I don't remember anything but I guess all the nurses loved me;) After I recovered from that I got hit with a huge cold, we all did actually. But I was so tired of being sick and tired that we went out anyway and got a lot of work done!
Winslow is great! There is a lot of work to be done, lots of less actives! We're teaching an extremely wealthy single guy and after the law of chastity lesson he went out and burned 1.3 million dollars of pornography that he'd acquired all his I also had a fun experience with the spirit on Thursday. All week long I'd been hearing about this Less Active family that needs help but is just on the verge of totally denouncing their faith and everything. I'm a really bold missionary sometimes so they were telling me that she gets super super offended and freaks out over any slight reference to repenting or coming back to church. So we were going to teach them a simple lesson about the restoration, we got there and the spirit tells me otherwise. I got the impression to read this crazy bold article about repentance and family's forever and temples. I'm like "umm spirit have you heard about these people? You've got this wrong, besides I don't even have that in my bag so ha!" Well I argued with my self in my head for like 5 minutes and finally turned to my companion and go "this might be the last time we teach these people." He's like "What??" But the door opened and we had no time to talk, he was quite terrified of what his new companion was about to do that qualified for me to say that;) So we sat down and to my fear, the article was now in my bag...great, here we go. Well I read it and the Spirit was soooo strong, they asked questions and now we're working on getting them to the temple. So what do I learn from this lesson, God definitely knows more than me and I'm ok with it:) Trust the Spirit!!!
I had another cool experience with the Spirit Friday, I was having just a really hard time with the task of being a missionary and just everything. We sat down in a lesson and this cute little 1 year old came over to us and just started glowing and laughing and smiling, the parents thought it was strange and after 5 minutes I was like ok...dude what's up this this guy, I'm not THAT ugly. I was actually kind of annoyed but then something like audibly said "he knows who you are", no one in the room had spoken and I could feel the Holy Ghost really strong and knew it was a tender mercy from God.

I really love being a missionary, I'm learning so much about myself, if someone offered you a full testimony and conversion of Jesus Christ, life long skills and best friends, strength like no other, miracles, manifestations, and irreplaceable experiences would you take it? Because that's exactly what a mission does for you. Winslow is great and we already have a couple Baptisms coming up! Love you all!!! 

ER's aren't fun when you’re the patient.

Our beautiful view of the green field in front of our house :)

It's not even June and I’m already DYING of heat..

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