Monday, May 2, 2016

HEYO Everyone :)

So wow has this week been an emotional rollercoaster;) Winslow Arizona definitely is not Cortez Colorado haha. 5 1/2 hours of a van in the desert with 19 Elders...thought I was going to lose my mind;) Elder Ewing is my new companion, I LOVE HIM!! He is soo funny, he goes home in like 2 months which means I'll be killing him off...weird. He's 20 and from Las Vegas, I'm going to really enjoy spending my time here with him. My first day here was probably the hardest day I've ever experienced in my entire life, I felt like my world fell down around me, I felt empty and alone and while I was praying the Lord basically said "Why haven't you asked for a priesthood blessing" I was like...."Cuz I'm an idiot" I got up and asked for one. Wow the priesthood is real, every ounce of my body was filled with warmth and reassurance, the blessing was immediately answered and I haven't had any issues since, the Lord definitely blesses his servants:)
I don't know if there is a description for's just Winslow, I had a hard time connecting with people at first, I kept telling myself that I can't let go of all the people I loved and left behind in Colorado, but I learned a valuable lesson that the Lord blesses missionaries with a capacity of love that is impossible to describe. As soon as I learned this the work started fast and furious. There is a lot of work to do which makes me happy, I can't stop working or I get Cortez sick...yeah it's weird I don't get homesick anymore:P I love the people here, they are so sweet and so willing to help with the work. We walk everywhere, which I actually really enjoy, it's very beautiful down here in its own way. I know that the Lord has people here for me to find and teach. I'm excited for what he has in store for me!!
I haven’t spent a lot of time proselyting in Winslow yet because of all the traveling. On Friday I spent a lot of time on the the deep I thought I was in Africa....people still live in Teepees and small Hogan's which was just wild to me. Lukachukai was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It was like a mixture of Yellowstone mixed with Zions. We're not allowed to go into certain areas near the mountains because President Kimble told the missionaries that the Gadianton Robbers did a lot of crazy stuff there, believe it or not you could feel it. Window Rock, Fort Defiance, Indian Wells, Navajo, I was in them all and just had an amazing time. Saturday was spent in Farmington with Elder Quinton Cook and Elder Eccohawk(probably slaughtered his name). That was AMAZING!! Elder Cook was explaining to us how he assigns the missionaries and stopped and said, "The Lord Jesus Christ really lets me know how precious you are to him and won't let me mess it up, if I get it wrong he tells me to go back until it's where He wants you." That was really a tender mercy for me and just felt Gods love for me. He also left a special witness to us that's too sacred to repeat..........but it's sufficient for me to say that I cannot deny that Jesus Christ lives and is the Son of God, angels were with us in that room, you could just feel it. I really do know that He lives, I feel His love for me, I feel Him walk with me and before me. He guides me, He directs me, and I love Him. AND I LOVE THIS WORK!!:)

Elder Anderson


The worlds biggest Hogan...literally:P    

I got to meet the newest member of the Mikkleson family before I left Cortez;)    

We almost got destroyed by a flash flood that this storm caused out on the Res...

Guess you can't live in this city without getting this picture so I had to get it out of the way;) P.S just ignore the top right corner of the picture;)

Digging a ditch through solid rock on my first day was just a blast

When Mexican food...destroys everyone.

Enough said :) 

Found my old district!:)

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