Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Um Waynuma?

Wow week 6 already in Winslow!!! Time is flying down here!! the work is great!! We went to Carl’s on Wed. Carl is a ridiculously wealthy 67 year old recent convert that lives in the middle of the desert, he just dropped 5 million dollars the other week to finalize his plans to make an Airpark around his compound in the desert, haha he invited us all back and said he'd send a helicopter to pick us up when it's complete....and it's like real, the FAA was at his compound approving everything along with the people that approve runways...so random! It's crazy because he literally has EVERYTHING, his own airport, money, cars, toys, friends, even the gospel, but he is lacking one thing, a family, and it shows. He's so unhappy and incomplete missing that one thing, it shows me how unbelievably important families are in God’s plan, even with everything, without a family you can have nothing.
Friday was really difficult for all of us, we went to the hospital to give a baby a blessing and discovered that a 10 year old boy in the ward had just passed away in the ER, we went into the room as requested by the family and it was truly a sight that none of us will ever forget, please keep that family in your prayers.
On a happier note though, we stayed busy to keep our minds of of that. We moved an entire house out and into another house in 2 hours, did so much gardening my hands want to cry, and dug more flood control ditches...in the rock;) We spent a lot of time out in Dilkon, the Navajo Rez. Man it's so crazy how small the church is and it's in the U.S, you drive like 10 minutes and your in a third world country where people live in Hogan’s with dirt floors.  Polaca is just outside of Dilkon and it's sooooooooooooo cool. It's the only Hopi rez in the mission, all of the Hopi’s along time ago made a covenant with the Creator that they wouldn't fight anymore after they were converted to the "Life Plan".(sound familiar?) So they live on top of 3 HUGE mesa’s to escape their enemies. They're farming people and give all they're children dull arrows to remind them of the oath they made to burry there weapons. So it's just a really interesting place!
We gave talks on Sunday and I think it went really well! There is a lot of less active work down here and we've been extremely successful in getting people back. April hasn’t been to church in like 17 years and has gone through 17 years of missionaries and somehow we connected with her and got her back, which is just a really cool experience. I'm so grateful that God allows me to be an instrument in assisting His children so they can receive Eternal Life!
Sorry for the short email but Memorial Day messed everything up!;) I just want everyone to know that Jesus Christ lives and is the Son of God. I really do know that. I'm grateful for the refiner’s fire of a mission because it changes me for the better everyday! It's also making me fat so if anyone has any tips for that feel free to help this boy out?  Ayehee Hagonee'!

Yes...the shopping cart drives:)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Revelation is awesome :)

Well this week was craaaazy busy....I hardly had time to sit down. We went to Holbrook for Zone Training, came home, then went back to Holbrook, came home, then went back again, then went to Joseph City, then back to Winslow. On Saturday we had interviews with President and it was soo good, he is just hilariously sarcastic. He gave us a few days warning cuz he's coming to check our house for mold and stuff so of course...we sterilized everything. He walks in and just wouldn't stop dropping sarcastic comments about "how are beds are probably always made like that" and other stuff:P He concluded his inspection with "well....I'd say my final stance on this is...write it in your journal so it will motivate you to get a good job to by a house NOT like this for your wife." A plumber came over and got rid of a lot of the black mode sooo yes....I'm very motivated to get a good job to buy a house NOT like this:)
So you know how I "randomly" got up for the car wreck in front of  our house last week? Well this week I showed up after a lady had just gotten in a severe car wreck and walked home, it was random but we went to her house. She was in compensated non-progressive shock from internal hemorrhaging so not critical but in really bad shape, she'd also suffered from a severe head injury, so I did an assessment on her and we got her to the ER. Then later that night we just decided to go knock on another door, no one answered but we stayed there on the porch, all of a sudden a teenage girl ran up to the porch obviously in shock and about to pass out, she was in some type of anaphylactic reaction which she has medicine for but the door to her house(the one we were just knocking on) was locked and no one was home. She was panicking so I did what any missionary would do....broke into her house for her;) An old trick my papa showed me (I only do it for good use I promise dad) then we made sure she was ok, then the next day someone was messing around and broke his ankle which turned into an open fracture, stuff just kept happening so finally I was like "Ok Heavenly Father, what am I supposed to learn here?" Well I'd been really struggling talking to people tracting and contacting, I just get nervous and unconfident and awkward partially because I had a terrible experience with knocking doors in Cortez but anyways God showed me something. When I'm thrown into any type of Medical Emergency situation my whole body switches over and just starts doing, I'm confident that I know what I'm doing, I assess, I ask questions, I treat. Well Heavenly Father showed me how to transfer those skills and confidence into missionary work, In a very real sense missionaries are spiritual EMT's, and when I knock on the door, I assess, I ask questions, and I treat them spiritually. It was definitely a tender mercy from God and we ended up finding 4 new investigators in two days and I am so much more confident in missionary work now. I boast in my God!
In this Mission I have absolutely come to a knowledge in discerning my spirit, evil spirits, and the Holy Ghost, that has been unbelievingly priceless information to me. I encourage all to pray and to learn how to discern your thoughts from the impressions of the Holy Ghost, if you do, you will be a worker of miracle for our Lord!

Shout out to Sister Smith for MAKING me a flipping awesome tie!! This flour is what all the natives like religiously make fry bread from.

Holbrook with all the Elders

So the movie Cars is based off of Holbrook, recognize this place and a certain toe truck?