Monday, April 4, 2016

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This week has just Like I didn't know you could have this much fun being a missionary and still be proselyting! Miracles are everywhere!! On Wednesday we had a prompting to go to a house that had a really, really old investigator from a couple years ago. We knocked and asked if Hershal was home and he said no but invited us in...he was in shock. He is a Navajo named Lidell, he was baptized into the Church 3 or 4 years ago and immediately went inactive. For all of those years he didn’t do anything and then one day he dusted off his Book of Mormon and read the first 2 chapters, then he told God he wanted to get back in, and then his doorbell rang and he opened it up to find two missionaries very ready to teach him! It was awesome. Elder Clarke and I have taken on the challenge called the "40 day fast" and for 40 days you fast from EVERY single little bitty thing that pokes at your spirit at all, it is a process of purification to exact obedience and we are seeing the blessings.
This week was also and adventure, I was irritated that Elder Clark was driving so slow and then a truck flew around the corner at 60 mph with 4 police cars chasing it.....we would have been in a not so good position, last time I ever complain about going slow;) We also had zone Conference which was fantastic....and guess who won the Cleanest and most finely maintained Vehicle....Yes yes yes we did:) Next week we get to go down to Farmington for one of our mission tours this year, Elder Corbridge is coming and supposedly bringing a big change to the mission, we're 1 of the 2 remaining missions in the United States that doesn't use tablets so that is a possibility but unlikely. We think he's bringing new pamphlets to go with the others!! (I love the pamphlets) It has actually been a huge blessing not to have tablets, because I've gotten to know MY scriptures so well. I would have never learned and recorded what I learned on scripture study on a tablet. They're like rainbows and will be like that forever!! Hmm...what else? A deer ran into us..dumb thing basically just smeared it face over the truck then kept running. Oh yeah the 4th ward Elders put blue drink powder in the shower which I was on the receiving end.....well that's the last time they’ll ever do that:) They found 81 pounds of freshly made expired mashed potatoes in they're bath tub the next day:) We called it even and stopped before it got out of hands but 81 lbs of mashed potatoes in the bathtub?...I won.

Oh my goodness wasn't conference AMAZING???? I loved every second of it! On your mission it means so much more, I just couldn't get enough and it hurt when it closed but Elder Holland capped it off with the comforting Special Witness of the Savior Jesus Christ. That was awesome:) I'm really learning a lot about life on my mission. The knowledge I've already obtained is incredible, I don't know how I ever would have been able to go through college or get married with out it, and I'm only 1/4 done! I want to add my testimony to the wonderful messages we received this weekend. Jesus Christ Lives! He Lives! And He directs this church, this work, this world....everything. And what a glorious blessing it is to serve Him!

Love Elder Anderson

Conference was awesome!

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