Monday, April 25, 2016

Goodbye to the Rockies and hello to the desert!!

Well transfers finally caught me. In a million way my heart is torn in half, I'm definitely leaving a piece of my soul in Cortez Colorado. I'm so grateful for the opportunities God has given me here. The success I've had, the life long friends and family I've made, what a blessing. All in all I've taken 1.1 million steps in Cortez, passed out over 400 copies of the Book of Mormon, Baptized 5 people, reactivated many, and have been the instrument for the lord to work might miracles, what an amazing experience for me to be God's tool in this work. I give all the Glory and Honor to Him. My life will forever be changed by the people I've met here, with the blessing/curse of loving Gods children and he loves them, as a missionary, this goodbye was harder than leaving my own home. Because this is my home, an extension of it, so many people have loved me and supported me here. I feel like an adopted child into the Smiths home, I have like 10 new pairs of grandparents, lots of new brothers, haha the list could go on forever. I truly love this small town situated in the corner of Colorado, I will miss it dearly.
I definitely went out with a bang though, yesterday we baptized Hannah Wilkerson and Confirmed her a member of the church. Even though she has Cerebral palsy, her brain is very developed and she participated and answered questions, chose to get baptized, and passed the interview. Her baptism was such an amazing sweet experience, the spirit was there in abundance. We also taught more of our Spanish investigators with the McNeil’s to translate. It's a really cool experience for me because even though I didn't know what Brother McNeil was saying, the spirit testified of it, I knew he was bearing his testimony from the feeling I was getting.
So I heard the coolest story this week. I Muslim professor of ancient languages was invited to BYU to translate the Book of Mormon into the most correct form of reformed Hebrew Egyptian the world has (the language on the Golden plates). He explained that with every translation of a language, vowels and different parts of speech change a lot, like Spanish sentences are backwards from their English translation. Well when he was translating the Book of Mormon back to this language he was shocked, every vowel or way the words were organized fit PERFECTLY back into the reformed Egyptian. He said it was the easiest translation he's ever done because it was essentially already done. He basically through up his hands and went "there's no way someone could make this up" Joseph Smith lived waaay before all the research was made on Ancient Egypt. He was Baptized 2 weeks later.
We also met a guy that received a doctorate in Religion, he met with the missionaries for a few hours and just started crying. They asked him what was wrong and he said "you two punks just ruined 10 years of research and knowledge I have about God in 2 hours". He was baptized 2 weeks later:)
This mission has shown me Evidence that the Book of Mormon is true, but more importantly God has told me. I know it's true, it is the only explanation that this church still grows and builds by hundreds of thousands of converts each year on the shoulders of teenagers out of high school. I know it's true because they don't teach you in the MTC to prove it's true, all they say is, tell them to read it and ask God. Our whole work is based off of that, you will succeed if you get them to pray. And because the Book of Mormon is true, that means Joseph Smith was a prophet, and all his teachings came from God. By their fruits ye shall know them, take a step back and look at the fruits of this Church. I Love God, I know he's my Father in Heaven, I also love my Savior Jesus
Christ, and I will go wherever He wants me to go, I'll say whatever He wants me to say, I will follow Him. And he's taking me to Arizona:)

Elder Anderson

Monday, April 18, 2016

I Love When the Lord Answers Prayers!!!

So this week was just great....from spiritual awesomeness to baptisms, to cleaning up a dead dog that virtually exploded in our investigators living room:-)
So It started off great this week, our ward has been helping us so so much with missionary work, I keep thinking we're in a slow spot, but then the lord has reminded me that I've had the most Baptisms in the Entire zone in the last 6 months and have 1 more this week and 1 more 3 weeks after that. I'm honored that he's letting me be apart of the change in His children’s lives. Remember Jennifer Knight? The pregnant lady that got abandoned by her husband on Christmas day? Well she's been meeting with missionaries for 3 years and last week she accepted an invitation to be Baptized on the 21st of May! The spirit was so strong and I essentially just said "Jennifer, the Lord has waited long enough, He has commanded you to be Baptized and you need to comply." The spirit was soooo strong and she just started crying and said she would do it! She has to make a lot of changes so keep her in your prayers. This mission requires that a person being baptized has to come to church 4 weeks in a row before they can be baptized, so Saturday we were devastated when she called and said she wouldn't be coming to church tomorrow because her dog died and she had to clean the carpets.....we called her 4 times but it was useless, we offered an army of people to come help her clean it, still a no tho. We had done ALL that we could do, I knelt down and prayed that she would realized that the carpets can wait and that a miracle would happen and that she would come to church. So Sunday morning comes around and church is about to start, and in comes Jennifer with her two kids and only says "the carpets can wait". It was an AWESOME sacrament meeting that I felt was just for her. PRAYERS ANSWERED AND SHE CAME!! So... then came our end of the deal. Her dog drank a gallon of diesel fuel and virtually exploded in her living room....3 days prior to us cleaning it. So it was a mixtures of dead dog, blood, gasoline, and other bodily fluids combined into one fantastic smell:) It was everywhere.......forever in my memories is that smell and sight...Anyways.
Another miracle that happened this week! Some members in our ward that have been smoking pot for 50 years received news that it was against the word of wisdom, with or without a prescription. They are faithful and active and we all thought it would be the end. Our bishop had a dream the night before he told them, he dreamed that he would tell them and that they would respond in a specific way and say specific words. The next morning when he told them, the dream was 100% correct, they responded and spoke in the exact same way. We gave them priesthood blessings and they swore them off that very minute. It was amazing! I just love the miracles that I get to witness here and be apart of. All of the success we are having is not me at all, nor Elder Clark, it is all the Lord, and He's teaching us and letting us be apart of it. Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings the miracles that I witness every day!

Love, Elder Anderson

This is how I study when it's warmed then 45 degrees

And this is Elder Cartchner and I waiting for a response from this CRRRAAZZY drunk Navajo:)

Monday, April 11, 2016

The work is going too fast to keep up with...

Ya'at'eeh abini! Ąąʼ haʼíí baa naniná? Goodmoring!! How are you all doing?? Man I have just really enjoyed this week, the Lord really kept us busy. So 3 or 4 months ago Elder Conrad and I started teaching a young Baptist couple with a one year old daughter, I loved them but because they just bible bashed we had to drop them. Well last week we got the impression that maybe we should try them again, then at church a member from the other ward walked up and said he wanted to go with us to the LIska's (that's there last name). So we were like...ok the Lord wants us back. So we prayed and fasted all week to have a miracle and success there, we'd never ever had the spirit or anything during a lesson over there. The spirit told us to teach them about eternal families. But we totally forgot to tell the member that...When we got there it started off as usual, them lovingly bashing us, and we lovingly telling them that they're resting the scriptures. Well I said a prayer inwardly and then the member just stopped them dead in they're tracks and started talking about Eternal Family's and bearing his Testimony. The room filled with an Extraterrestrial force so thick I thought it was replacing the oxygen, the spirit burned holes into every ones hearts, then I was able to bear testimony of the reality of Eternal Family's and was reinforced with just as much celestial power. I've never felt power like that, you could've physically feel the Celestial spirits hidden behind the veil but very presently there. They committed to read the Book of Mormon, come to church, and ask God about being baptized, it was a real miracle. I believe we'll be baptizing them within a couple months.

Then we have an entire family being baptized at the end of May! They're the Warner’s, and the first lesson ever with missionaries, one of the daughters cried while she bore her testimony that Joseph Smith was a real prophet. The reason Baptisms come in groups here is because of the rules that our mission has, they have to come to church 6 times before they can be baptized. I personally love it because it weeds out the wheat from the tares. Red Wilkerson's is the man I baptized 2 months ago, well because of this we'll be baptizing his daughter this week, His step mother is being baptized in Arizona, his nurse is being baptized with her family next month, and His step mothers granddaughter has been committed to baptism in Arizona too! All because of Red! It is such a blessing that the Lord is showing me the Fruits of my work already in magnificent ways!
I also had at the opportunity to watch and hear Red bless the Sacrament this week, I cannot believe the kind of Joy I am feeling down here, never have I experienced lows like I do, but never have I experienced the High's that go with them. It is a great blessing.

We got to take a road trip down to Farmington this week also! Elder Corbridge from the presidency of the 70 came and trained us which was AMAZING!! He taught us how to powerfully give people the "why" they want to join the Church. We drove down with 4th ward and stayed with the missionaries over Farmington 6, it was a trio and they had all served with me in the Durango zone so we had a blast. In 3 week Elder Cook from the twelve is visiting our mission too:) They basically have a GA visiting this mission every other month giving us new tools to use like pamphlets and other trials that the church will standardize throughout the world for all missions. I guess New Mexico isn’t just the testing sight for nuclear bombs after all;) I saw the Bloomfield Elders and Jumped on them, I told them to tell Sadie’s family that I say hi and I love them!! Sounds like my message got through!!! All in all...I just love this place, these people, this experience. It is life changing!!! 

Waiting for vehicle coordinator to call us back :) 

Service with Red!