Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

I believe this last week was one of the many refiner’s fires I will go through to become like my Savior. Never have I been brought so low and never have I felt so high. Tender mercies surrounded me this week, everywhere I turned I could feel Christ reassuring me that He was still there and would never leave. I know He's with me and I know He will never leave my side. On the Lowest point I found myself praying for a long time like 30 minutes or so, just begging to feel love or something. Right after I finished the phone rang, it was sister Nicole Smith. She said
 "I don't know why but I just had a feeling to call you, I prayed and the Lord told me to call your mom too, she was praying for you too. I just want you to understand how loved you are and how much you are and will be missed..."
I couldn't believe it, I could feel the Love of God so strong for me at that moment, He lifted me up using people that Love me. It just shows that God does answer prayers, but not in the way you expect. He sent His love for me in through His children. Honestly, I love how he works. After that moment, I didn't look back and kept pressing forward, I wouldn't stop, I couldn't. 

With the Help of the Lord we went to work and found 4 new investigators, and committed 3 people to be Baptized. We're on fire. We've been teaching a Spanish family that is just so wonderful, I can't speak very much Spanish and a lot of it needs to be translated for me but the simplicity of the lessons leaves a very powerful spirit. I definitely need to learn more, sometimes I panic and just stumble over words....lets just say that Feliz Navidad came out of someone’s mouth......and everyone just died laughing...Oh I love the memories of my mission.:)  Oh and it didn't stop there...Remember Jennifer??? SHE HAD HER BABY!!! Ahh he's so cute and she was out of the hospital in one day! Well....did you know Women are still very large after they give birth?.....I didn’t.....She answer's the door "Jennifer! Oh man your still pregnant it looks like."
Then I connected that her baby was in the room...."Ummm I'm an idiot, lets all accept that and move forward". She laughed, if I were to learn this lesson on anyone I'm so glad it was with Jennifer Knight. Lesson learned, just don't tell a women she looks pregnant..period, end of story, even if you "know" she is...:) Hope I saved someone a night of sleeping on the couch or a slap:)
Our new Investigators we found are Navajo, he was very, very, very....extremely drunk when we met Him but we didn't teach Him a lot and scheduled an appointment when he wasn't drunk...I can almost guarantee he won't remember us;)  We were also tracting in the trailer park and had a feeling to stop and go back to another trailer, the Women started to cry as we shared a quick Easter message, she was having a bad day, she invited us back:)
Easter was a blast! The Smith's had us over for their Easter dinner and tradition, I love them so much! We also spent some time with the Wilkerson's, proselyting and with our District! Good Easter! One of the members in our ward Is directly related to John Tanner and they have all these crazy stories about how they have NEVER gone hungry or struggled with things like that, pretty cool! 
I know the Savior Jesus Christ lives and He works with His servants very closely to bring to pass the "immortality and Eternal life of man". It's an Honor to serve with Him and for Him.

Love Elder Anderson

Easter with the Smith's...Best family ever!

Studying over the heater vent to keep warm :)

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