Monday, February 22, 2016


This week has just been awesome:) The snow is melting away and the birds are coming back and it's warm! And sooo Beautiful up in the Mountains! Our ward is HUGE, it goes all the way past Rico to Telluride so we have lot's of pretty scenery! We spent a lot of time with Red Wilkerson's family, they have a daughter with Cerebral Palsy and lost all their nurses so Elder Conrad and I have been helping. I'm so excited for you all to meet them when they come up in a few weeks!!!!!!! We spend most of our time on reds porch watching him shoot ground hogs with his 22-250, then you wait 3 minutes and 8 Bald eagles will come and take the bodies...Oh my goodness it's the most redneck thing in the world and It's literally the greatest. I feel like we should be on second hand lions.

So remember the Crazy guy that tried to attack Elder Conrad and I? Well do you remember the Crazy recent convert Ken savage? The one that stole an F-150 and buried it when he wasn’t a member? Haha well Ken heard about what happened and went to jimmies house in his monster truck, hooked up his 15 thousand pound winch to Jimmies truck and said "If you ever talk to my boys like that again, I'll rip your truck in half"...Well interestingly enough Jimmy might become an investigator now...the Lord works in Mysterious ways:P

Alex and Aaron Chee are being baptized next month, they're to Navajo's out of Toten Lake. They're the best. It's so crazy teaching them because they have absolutely no Christian background period, they believed in a great spirit like Lamoni and we've taught them and other natives almost identically to how Ammon and Aaron taught their ancestors 2300 years ago. We're also teaching Trudi who is a Navajo, we teach her the same way. It's hard but It's so cool to be explaining to them and to have the spirit tell you EVERYTHING to say. "Your intimidating them, explain that this way, use this analogy, testify etc. It's just amazing! Trudi's Father was taken by the Government when she was about twelve to Camp Pendleton for a top secret mission, there he learned that the Japanese we're breaking all the American codes and that they needed him to help invent a New Form of code using Navajo. The unbreakable code saved thousands of lives, He fought in Saipan, Japan, and other crazy pacific conflicts until they dropped the Atom bombs and won the war. She's showing us all of his codes and notes and pictures and dog tags and crazy stuff! She's got a picture with him and the president too. There is Lots of crazy history down here:)

The success Elder Conrad and I are having is amazing and we feel it coming to a close soon, our district is so close because we do so many things together during the week for service and other things, President tells us there is no other district like us so it will be sad when it closes but we all live in the MotherLand so we'll see each other after our mission:) I LOVE MY MISSION. I love the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, I love the Honor He has given me to walk with Him and do His work. I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true, I've seen evidence that is undeniable. I love the Lord and I Love you all!!!!!!!!

Paul Gaul from Toten Lake got the Melchizedek Priesthood:)

Service at the trailer park:)

Mini Golf in the church with our young mens

Dolores River unthawing...I wanna fish it soo bad

Walking among the Gadiantons and Mexican Mafia at night in white:)

My flowing golden hair in the sunset;)

Bald eagle eating Red's groundhog

Beautiful sunset!

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