Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Crazy Week......

Well this week was just full of up and downs. Elder Conrad and I got the flu, that was a butt kicker, we were out for 5 days and I lost like 10 pounds. Even with this we still got two new investigators out of...you guessed it, Totten Lake;) This trailer park is full of miracles. Paul Gaul leads the work there, he ran away from his home when he was 17 and preached the gospel while hitchhiking across America and Canada over 100 times back and forth. Somehow he ended up in Cortez, Colorado where he found a triple combination at the thrift store, he new it was true the minute he opened it up. So then comes 2 missionaries walking down the Trailer Park road and this Crazy guy starts yelling king Benjamin......what do you do? Haha well he was baptized a few months ago and now has given a copy of the Book of Mormon to EVERY inhabitant of the trailer park, forcing Elder Conrad and I to not only Learn Navajo to teach them, but also Spanish now too....well the gift of tongues is real I can tell you that!
Haha so Elder Conrad and I were teaching a recent convert family and their Crazy dad with schizophrenia walks in and asks us. 

"How's my Business in Arizona doing?" 
Us- "umm well we can call the Elders down there and ask?'
Crazy Steve-"No, I need to know now, can you see the vision of my town?'
At this point I clocked out and had to walk away pretending to cough because I was laughing so hard I was crying, leaving Elder Conrad alone with Crazy Steve to fend for himself.
Crazy Steve-" Something blocking our powers here...we can't see it, I'm the only person in the world trained to kill skin walkers, I'm an ex CIA agent, I own a town, and God has chosen me as the only person to talk to his people, I'm annointed, I don’t like the job but i gotta take it".
Elder Conrad is speechless, I'm on the floor dying.
Crazy Steve pulls out this crystal ball and gives it to Elder Conrad "Take this, look at the couch, and touch my forearm."
Conrad still speechless does so...
Crazy Steve- "What do you see? How's my town? Can you feel the vision? Can you see it?"
Elder Conrad breaks under stress and goes...
"Oh yeah. I see it...looks like you’re all good."
I'm now about to throw up from laughing.
Crazy Steve-"Thank goodness, I better take a trip down there and make sure, thanks."
Crazy Steve retires to his camper in the backyard while I'm dying and Elder Conrad is still staring at the couch going "what...just happened."
We all looked at him and told him you had a vision! He didn't find it funny like we did;)

At the same time there was a shootout up the street, that just life in the trailer park under the Gadiantions and Mexican Mafia..
Monday we Got to go ice fishing with the Hughes, which was soo much fun!! We didn't catch anything but if anyone knows me they know I can fish for hours and not catch anything and still have a blast, which I did:) Our two new investigators are Navajo's Alex and Aaron. They're being baptized on March 5th! Alex bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon last night and it was AWESOME!!! Then we were praying about to go into another house and the spirit like screamed at me TONY! A lady that we've tried for a month to no avail, I stopped in the middle of the prayer and said "we're going to Tony's" We knocked on her door and now have a whole family of new investigators!:)

I spent Valentines Day with our Bishop, he's so great, I love this ward sooo much it hurts to think about leaving them behind! We also learned what it means when Christ says to his apostle’s that they have the ability to cast out devils. We've done so 3 times this week in the name of our Savior, and the experiences are too sacred to say more about, but I can say that Evil is Real, and Christ is REALER!!

Ice fishing :)

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