Monday, February 1, 2016

A Week of Miracles!

Hey all!! So I just wanted to thank you for your prayers on behalf of the Chee's (the Navajo family struggling with marijuana). We finally got in and gave the most powerful lesson I've ever been apart of, In a loving way we called them to repentance and they each committed to follow their baptismal covenants, also, two more brudder couzins moved in and they're taking the lessons and will be baptized on March 12! Wahoo! More baptisms from the trailer park from hell!!:) I was reading the Book of Mormon a lot this week and I find it so interesting that Nephi could have very well seen my mission and the missionaries here taking the gospel to his seed. It's amazing to be apart of one of the Major reasons and promises that the Book of Mormon was written for. To be able to testify to these people that they are their ancestors is a very powerful thing. Most believe it and know it is true, they just have a hard time separating from the American Indian culture. We also had a lesson that was like word for word exactly how Aaron taught the King of Middoni!  

So this week's tracting was insane. We sacrificed a lot, and the Lord gave us a lot of people to teach but it definitely came at a price. Elder Conrad and I felt prompted to go to this one trailer down this creepy canyon road. Well, the guy was literally possessed by the devil and tried to kill us. It was so strange tho, amidst the wailing and gnashing of teeth and language and him trying to attack us and find a weapon, we could feel Heavenly Soldiers standing between us and him, holding him back with spears while we escaped. He didn't touch us, he couldn't touch us. We left a testimony against him and went to get a priesthood blessing. I've never experienced evil like that, and we needed the spirit again. It took us a day to recover and go tracting again so we just went service hunting all day and ended up with like 25 hours of chipping ice away with a pick axe and digging trenches to drain water out of peoples yards in the Trailer Park from Hell. We got a random phone call from someone in second ward, he had a friend in our ward who was about to have a baby and wanted a priesthood blessing, we're now teaching her:) Red Wilkerson and his wife are literally converting all of their nurses, we have like 12 investigators show up at church! Each day I feel very literally the Savior and Guardian Angels marching with us as we do His work. I know He lives, because He stands next to me every day. 

Love, Elder Anderson

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