Monday, February 29, 2016


So this week was emotionally destructive;) Alex and Aaron were set to be baptized but fell off date, which was really sad. Especially because this is Transfer week so Elder Conrad will most likely be shipped out so he'll miss their baptism. We lost lots of investigators too which is always sad but we got new ones too!!! Jennifer is just the Craziest toughest women on the planet...She was a former we decided to try. We got to her house, tried it and no one was home, so we were just like ok whatever. But then we just had a weird feeling to start walking....and walking...and walking...we walked for like 3 miles, then just randomly turned around. By the time we got back to the truck a few hours later, Jennifer was pulling in her driveway. We jumped on her and gave her a message on Christ. She invited us back. She's pregnant, and on Christmas (two days after we met her) her husband took all the money and walked out on her. It's odd because this SAME thing had happened to her 2 years ago, the Lord sent his servants, and a day later her husband left her. So We all know he sent us again to comfort her. She's tough and has been meeting with Elders and Jw's forever and doesn't want to join a church. But Elder Conrad and I really connected with her and Now she's getting baptized after she has her baby!!!! WAHOO!!!
We also med Dayton....He's homosexual sooo yeah...workin on that problem. He want's to be baptized though! I'll update you more on that when I know more;) OK YOU READY???????????????????????????? We found GARRY'S ETERNAL COMPANION!!!!!!!! She lives in a Walmart.....Next to Walmart!!!! How epic is that??? So yes I we'll be teaching the female version of Garry with Garry at Walmart...I love that parking lot.

So yesterday I spit fire on the podium. I love our ward to death but they haven’t been helping with missionary work so I basically got up and called them to repentance. Only the smiths and Paul Gaul have been helping but after my sermon EVERYONE is giving us referrals. The Lord is awesome and it was just great. The last couple weeks I've been extremely bold when told to do so by the spirit and it's worked. Like there's a less active living with his girlfriend and smoking weed and I told Him the Lord commanded me to tell him he needs to go on a mission...IT WORKED:)

All in all the Atonement is real and Our savior takes care of His Missionaries, I know he does.

Sister Bishop gave us some radical apostate socks:)

This is a daily thing, across the street there's usually a few HUNDRED Elk, this heard was small and only had a few bulls.

We went hiking in a canyon behind our house a few miles away from Mesa Verde and found a ledge with an ancient Fireplace in it....we'll go Arrowhead hunting around it next week!

This is John Sells' Medal of Honor...I gotta hold it...that’s a lot of silver.. He's Trudi’s dad:)