Monday, January 18, 2016

Yá'át'ééh abíní

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So guess what?? Me and Elder Conrad are officially the mission example for car crashes-_- Everyone knows about the Mormons that drove off the canyon wall.....It's actually a great approach;) We had zone conference this week which was like 7 and a half hours of spiritual awesomeness, I couldn't believe how much I learned, also taught me that being an AP to the president would not be fun....but It's hard to stay under the Radar when you drive off the road haha. Tara is Baptized and a new member!!! It was such an awesome cool experience to see her on this journey and It's just getting started for her!!! She had it at 8 in the morning which meant we had to get to the church at 5 to start filling the font, twas an adventure. Then we woke up with a text from her that said "Good morning Handsome, I love you" haha we were so confused, then she texted "Whoops...wrong handsome, that was for Randy" Totes awkio...

I got to use my EMT skill again...we were just driving and their was a Navajo laying in the middle of the Road in the morning. Completely honestly I thought he was dead and wanted to keep driving but then I thought of the Good Samaritan, "fine...Ill go make sure he's dead" I told the spirit. But he wasn't and Had hit his head really hard so he was drunk, with a head injury which equals a lot of swearing and funny words. It brought back good memories to dealing with drunk people:-) Except now it's drunk Lamanites that don't have very much intelligence under the influence, hence laying in the road;) We also had a truck Inspection this week and we had to clean when it was like -1 degree. The spray just turned into frost before it even made contact...we lost. 
I heard a quote that really struck me, "A religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things, never has power sufficient to produce faith unto life in Salvation". With my fatigue, I'm sacrificing everything my body has to offer and I'm seeing the blessings come from it. I love my mission so much and don't know how people can even live without going on one!! I'm learning so much!!!! Elder Anderson

Mission truck inspection

Just changing it up :)

Tara is baptized! 

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