Monday, January 11, 2016


Man was this week fun and wild;) Don't worry, I am pleased to report no injuries or accidents this week:) So I went to my first Native funeral.....I like ours better. There was literally people screaming at the top of there lungs and crying then laughing at the same time while pouring holy water over there faces and blessing the whoa. Then they buried the lady in like a shallow grave in shiprock (we got permission to go down there) so all in all it was a very interesting cultural experience. Don't worry tho, they gave us fried bread after=-) I'm getting pretty good at Navajo, we found a Navajo women and taught her the restoration yesterday and committed her to Baptism. She knew that her ancestors were the Nephites and we talked about it for a long time, the spirit was so strong just confirming the fact that the Book of Mormon is real, I'm literally teaching Lamonite descendants. Her father was one of the Code Talkers and she's gonna show us a bunch of his stuff including some of the codes he was practicing.
So for the last month or so we've been teaching a women named Tara, she's basically been coming to church for 2 years and meeting with the missionaries since. I found her in church a month ago so me and Elder Conrad started teaching her the lessons again. Well a couple days ago she texted us and said "I'm ready to get baptized'!! This Saturday we're Baptizing her!! Our companionship is one of the most successful in the ENTIRE mission, on average we're baptizing a new convert every week and a half. I have a feeling it wont last long tho, there is no growth in the comfort zone so I'm sure Elder Conrad will get shipped out soon.
The snow was CRAZY this week! We spent all day digging people out, including ourselves! Also went on exchanges with our district leader in 4th ward and spent the day climbing around under this members house cleaning it...what a joy-_- 
So I have to tell you this funny story. This lady in our ward(very active) went down to shiprock for something and when she got there she realized she had no phone, left her wallet, out of gas and only had 10 she thinks for a little bit and knew she was in she goes into the Casino and wins 2,000 what do you say to that when she goes "The Lord Blessed me!" Haha I just told her not to rely on that method;)
I really struggled with fatigue and anxiety this week and the Lord gave me a-lot of tender mercies. The enabling power of the atonement pulled me through, my best friend finished her mission papers and I met so many amazing people. The Lord strengthened me, the relationship I have with our Heavenly Father and Savior is unbelievable. My mission is cementing the foundation of a full conversion to the Savior and skills to finish my life if righteous happiness. The Lord is gonna get his work done one way or another, and It's a blessing he's using us to do it. Thank you for all the prayers and support! 

Nizhónígo ch’aanidíínaał

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