Monday, January 25, 2016

I Survived Transfers!

This week went by soo slow in preparation for Transfers! But the Lord decided Elder Conrad and I needed another one together! We're pumped! We've got it down and want to make this one our most successful yet! 

We did lots of service this week! I replaced an entire transmission on a truck, which was crazy, interesting and fun! We moved like a couple tons of Hay...not as fun, but I felt like a real life farmer ;) We've been helping lots of people move in and out which has given us a lot of investigators! Toten Lake trailer park is, as always, producing almost all of the time I'm done with that place it's going to be a branch! 
I love my district, like we're so close so transfers are really sad as it starts getting ripped apart but there's no growth in the comfort zone!

We got to drive up to Durango this week for a world wide missionary broadcast from some of the Appostle's and General Authorities! That's one of my favorite parts about being a missionary is that we get to hear sacred devotionals ONLY for us, so it's Epic!!!!! 

We got to go on exchanges this week and I had one of the most powerful experiences in my life, I also found out what real evil is and what kind of power the Priesthood has to cast it out. wallkers, not even going to go into it. 

I had an amazing week full of miracle's. Being an instrument in His hand is so cool because you can do anything!!!!!!!! All it takes is faith! And if we are to have faith like Enoch and Elijah we must live as they lived and cast aside the philosophies of men. I've truly experienced the Savior's atonement this week and know that Heavenly Father lives. Even though we didn't have any baptism's or a lot of lessons this week it was still one of my most powerful yet! I got into the doctor's and we said a prayer that he would be guided on how to heal my body. Holy Cow, from that moment on EVERYTHING he did, he did by the spirit. We totally changed the medicine I'm on and I'm sleeping normal again, and for the first time in almost 4 years I'm not experiencing fatigue on a normal daily basis! 


This is called dog sledding :)

Beautiful day in Cortez!

Love my district! 

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